Trio Tots Celebrates International Mud Day in Bengaluru with Kids; Promotes Nature-Care Through CSR

Industry Watch | July 3, 2018 | News in Brief

Trio Tots

Trio Tots celebrated the International Mud Day at its campus in Sahakar Nagar with great fun and splendour on June 29, 2018 in Bangalore. The students went dirty, messy and muddy as they involved themselves in various activities like making mud toys, mud painting, treasure hunt, mud splash, etc. 

International Mud Day is a day for children and early childhood professionals all over the world to celebrate nature, the glorious earth beneath our feet, and the joy of making a mess by getting really muddy. It’s a day where children, adults, and organisations across the globe get muddy to raise awareness about the importance of nature for children. 

Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio Tots said, “It was a truly invigorating experience as the children experienced the most magical way of celebrating the student’s life with mother earth. The purpose behind this was to bring the students closer to nature and learn to enjoy the incredible things of nature, that we are blessed with."


International Mud Day 2018 celebrated by Trio Tots at their Bengaluru Campus

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