Virat Kohli And PUMA Take A Stride Towards Fitness With The COAP Play Wagon

Industry Watch | June 22, 2018 | News in Brief

Virat Kohli Puma

In a mission to create a fitter nation, India’s leading athlete Virat Kohli along with the sportswear brand PUMA, gave impetus to the Come Out and Play (COAP) movement with the COAP Play Wagon which traveled around the city with surprise pit stops to set up play areas where people could come out and play a game.

Come Out And Play is a movement initiated last year in November during the launch of Virat’s brand One8, in order to bring about a cultural change of fitness in the country. In an endeavour by Virat and PUMA to make every Indian adopt a fit and active lifestyle, from now on, the 18th of every month will witness the travelling COAP Play Wagon in Goa and Bangalore.  

Alongside the activity, the brand also rolled out a social media campaign spot the van and play a sport, which bestows participants an opportunity to be featured on Virat’s Instagram handle on posting a video/picture of them playing a sport.

The van’s first pit stop was at RV College and then moved to Global Tech Park. Along with being highly engaging and a whole lot of fun, this activity created large-scale awareness and spread the message of the need to adopt some kind of play to remain fit and healthy. 


Virat Kohli along with the fastest global sportswear brand in the world PUMA gave impetus to the Come Out and Play (COAP) movement

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