Bisleri Launches a Plastic Recycling initiative “Bottles for Change”

Marketing | June 13, 2018 | News

Bisleri Trident

Apart from Bisleri’s mission to ensure access to safe drinking water for every Indian, the brand is also making a conscious effort to keep the environment safe and healthy. In its endeavour to give back to the environment and the community at large, the brand celebrated World Environment Day.

On the day, Bisleri hosted a press conference to launch “BOTTLES FOR CHANGE”, a Plastic Recycling initiative that focuses on efficient disposal and recycling of plastic. The idea is to create a positive impact on the environment, ensure that it is sustainable and emphasise on the fact that plastic is a versatile material, has an afterlife and can be recycled to make many products like: Furniture (benches, chair), apparels, home decor, accessories and bags, etc. 

For this initiative, Bisleri partnered with 3 NGOs (Parisar Bhagini Vikas Sangh, Sampurna Earth, and Garbage Concern Welfare Society) who are associated with the members of “Bottles for Change”  across Mumbai to work towards changing behaviour of the communities in valuing plastic as an effective resource. Users of plastic have to simply crush, clean, and keep the plastic separate. The members of “Bottles for Change”  will pick it up at scheduled days and will take it to their segregation centre. Together with the NGO’s, Bisleri is conducting plastic collection and educational drives for communities, corporates, schools, colleges, and other institutions. 

Bottles for Change focuses to create a system where the members of “Bottles for Change”  pick up plastic from source, segregate it and sell it to the recyclers. The plastic collected and sold is clean and fetches almost 2x more value leading to the upliftment of the lives of members of “Bottles for Change”  and their children. 

Mr. Ramesh Chauhan, Chairman & MD, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., launched the initiative by presenting ‘Bottles for Change Kit’ that includes Plastic collection bags, Bottles for change branded Jackets, Caps, posters and other communication material, to the three partnered NGO’s in the initiative.

On this proud occasion, Ms. Anjana Ghosh, Director, Bisleri International, said “Banning of plastic has been in news for quite some time now. However, plastic is an integral part of our lives & is not trash. The issue is not plastic but with our behaviour. Plastic has to be disposed of and recycled responsibly.”

The initiative aims at educating and changing the behaviour of citizens on efficient disposal and recycling of plastic.

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