World No Tobacco Day at Orion Mall Planned By Senses Creations

Marketing | June 5, 2018 | News

Senses Creations Orion Mall

Tobacco is the most common form of addiction and this addiction leads to several and severe health-related issues. May 31, 2018, is observed as ‘World Anti-Tobacco Day’. This year on that day Orion Mall initiated a quit smoking campaign with a visual twist in the form of large installations wishing to keep its best of customers happy and healthy.

Orion Mall was very clear about the brief on the installations that the designs shall talk about buying happiness in terms of the commodity by creating an awareness among the customers which will help them understand what could they get by skipping tobacco. Thus Senses Creations proposed quite a few designs keeping the urban crowd and their daily usable commodities in mind. 3 of them were selected by Orion mall, a large-sized vanity bag, a perfume bottle and a headphone. These items were strategically chosen to represent their presence in the mall. 

To make the day more interactive a small activity was held that could win the customer's free vouchers from brands like Steve Madden and Aldo. The activity consisted of the audience taking a selfie with the installation and posting it on the Facebook wall of Orion Mall with their message and #QuitSmoking.

Design wise all these installations were made with more than 12,000 replica cigarettes. Sanidhi V. J., director of Senses Creations mentioned, “ This was a rare and important opportunity for us and we are pleased to say that we managed to design and construct these 3 large-scale installations from scratch within a span of 5 days.”

Orion Mall came up with a quit smoking campaign on World No Tobacco Day which was planned and executed by Senses Creations

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