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Industry Watch | June 1, 2018 | Interview

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Dome Entertainment Pvt Ltd has launched its Intellectual Properties vertical under the leadership of Suprit Karkera. The new division IP is created to bring about engaging experiences with pan India reach, and at par with international events with respect to scale and production. In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, Suprit Karkera, Business Head, Intellectual Properties and Events, Dome Entertainment Pvt Ltd - a Cineyug Group Enterprise discusses the conceptualisation of the vertical, the ideas planned, and how it aims to be a pioneer in the industry.

What is the USP of the IP that sets it apart from the competition?

Dome Entertainment, one of India’s leading multifaceted entertainment companies, is constantly looking to create experiences that are truly global in nature. We recently launched our ‘Intellectual Properties’ division, post extensive research, to address the gaps and concern of the industry. IPs from Dome Entertainment would ensure that the content we offer will be disruptive and engaging. We plan to create IPs that guarantee a memorable experience for all stakeholders which is sadly not the scenario currently.

Please elaborate on some of the strengths of the new vertical.

Our properties and experiences under the new vertical will be crafted to answer all these challenges, in addition to ROI for sponsors. The experiences will offer scale, reach and value to all stakeholders involved, and be at par with global experiences in terms of their production. Our Ticket prices will also be affordable for fans and attendees, especially youth, which is a big deterrent in the Live space currently.

How is Dome crafting experiences with uniqueness?

It is important to create experiences that the audience can connect with, and Instead of ‘one-off events’, these IPs will be planned with longer timelines between 3 and 12 months.  

The IPs planned under the new division will be customised for brands, which will help them build tactical and strategic campaigns around the properties.

Based on extensive research and insight, we have identified some key areas to launch successful properties. Our aim is to create varied experiences that can engage people across segments, and are disruptive and audience driven. Some of the IPs that Dome Entertainment plans to launch will be in Esports, Kids Literature, one of the biggest Halloween celebrations, Drone League, and more. 

Why was there the need felt for a new vertical?

An event is considered successful based on the experience the audience take home with them. However, in India, this is an element that is most ignored. Since most events here are celebrity led, there is little effort spent on charting the emotional connect that people might have with them. 

Also, being on the higher side, with tickets being priced at a minimum of INR 2500, accessibility becomes an issue for the main target group, primarily college students and young professionals. Food and Beverages at Live events are priced, on average, between INR 250 and INR 350. This is another aspect that we plan to address through our events and properties, and every experience under our IP vertical has been created keeping in mind the core target group. Through this effort, we want to negate complimentary or referential attendance at our events. 

The IPs from our new vertical will be created with the aim to constantly question the status quo and put India on the global map. The industry presents an immense opportunity for developing long-standing pan India events and experiences that are innovative and engaging. 

What are the challenges foreseen and how does the brand plan on overcoming them?

Successful IPs of global scale would need significant sponsor investments, and to shift to the model is still a challenge in India. Most brands are forced fit into events, without any resonance with the core thought of the event or with the target group. We would ensure a seamless integration of the brand from day one, leading to ownership, quality reach and engagement for the brand to justify the investments. 


In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, Suprit Karkera, Business Head, Intellectual Properties and Events, Dome Entertainment Pvt Ltd discusses the conceptualisation of the vertical.

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