Wedding Planners Share Two Themes Most Trending in 2018

Weddings | May 23, 2018 | Feature

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We asked top wedding planners the wedding themes trending in 2018, and they have shared some creative theme ideas that will take this year by storm. Let us see what they had to say!

Achint Nag, Founder, Krayonz Entertainment

Bombay Adda 

Just did this theme with some hostesses playing cops with barricades at the entrance of the venue doing a breath test of all guests walking into the venue - all had to have a vodka shot as they enter. The theme was desgined by Dreamzkraft. Even the MC was interviewing guests in a Mumbai cop outfit. The decor and ambience were that if a Bombay skyline / the authentic Mumbai look created with An auto rickshaw as the DJ console. Bartenders serving shots in the chai wala costume with the cutting chai glasses. We had the typical supari /paan masala /cigar/cigarettes being offered typically how it is sold outside the Mumbai pubs. Small vada pavs and other authentic Mumbai street food served.

Holi theme

Holi theme is another huge hit during afternoon brunches -- Organic colours used -- lots of colour used in décor. Guests asked to Dress up in all white costumes with lots of colour in the air with the DJ playing the Bollywood Holi tracks make this brunch party a rocking affair. This was again designed by Dreamzkraft. 

Noureen Morani, Business Head Cineyug Celebrations

Garden Theme

The latest trending wedding theme would be the garden theme with fresh colourful flowers and greens decking up the wedding venue. It is usually chosen for pre-wedding functions.

Sufi Theme

Sufi theme is another one loved by many. We did a White Sufi themed wedding function where we chose white over other colours and blended it with gold. It was a peaceful and serene set up with an elegant touch.

Birju Gariba, CEO & Executive Director, Platinum World Weddings

OrIgami theme

Whether it’s a Sangeet or pool party, Origami theme inspired from the ancient Japanese craft has been a trend recently. Right from crafty origami designs on paper to origami-inspired floral output adorns a lovely setting in the celebrations. Dreamzkraft designed this amazing theme for one of our projects. 


Bollywood never ceases to enthuse even the modern millennial as they layer it up or fuse it with kitsch or just neon and make it like a neon Bollywood theme or Bollywood Kitsch with loud colours. Dreamzkraft conceptualized this theme for a wedding we did. From ideation to execution, Dreamzkraft did a fabulous job in bringing Bollywood to life with vibrant decor for this wedding celebration!

Ruchika Arora Bansal, Director, Plush Events and Weddings

The Verdant

Painting the blank canvas this season, the most enchanting trend would be the lush greens and the mystic forest theme. The idea is to enhance the rustic ambience that has been prevailing in the past couple of seasons but taking it to the next level. The highlight of this theme is the captivating backdrop choices that one gets to experiment with. When, as a wedding designer we try to capture such an expansive theme we attain the possibility to portray the essence of décor. On the other hand, the clients get the luxury of keeping things natural yet classy. The beauty of this theme is that it is universal, there are no disparities of culture when you are setting up such a theme, and it would blend as well for a cocktail function as it would for a royal wedding.

Contemporary Pastels

Appearance and ambience are the two crucial factor of every event and when its about summers, one reaches out for brighter shades and colours. The sun lightens up the venue and every element in it, from the smallest centrepieces to the biggest stages. The contemporary pastel as a trend comes with endless theme options, regardless of the time of the day one is choosing. Recently, Plush worked with shades of mint green and purple for a wedding event and the effect of this décor was incredible. The colours were soothing and were complementing the weather; along with a dash of soft amber light, we were able to achieve a great ambience for the event. The important thing about this trend is how a designer works with these colours; through floral, backdrops, furniture, fabric or other elements. The trending colours for this season are mint green, deep fuchsia, peach Caribbean blue and orchid.

Planning exceptionally beautiful weddings around the world, top wedding planners discuss the two trending wedding themes in 2018.

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