The Royal Elm, Karjat, Decks Up for A Glamorous Wedding

Weddings | May 16, 2018 | Photo Feature

The Doli Diary The Wedding Salad

The Doli Diary planned a larger than life wedding at the gorgeous farmhouse, The Royal Elm. A gorgeous couple, Arjun and Ayesha, chose The Doli Diary to plan and execute their wedding at this serene venue.

"Arjun and Ayesha’s wedding was one of a kind, we got a chance to transform this beautiful ancestral farmhouse into a wedding space. To work in someone’s personal space is very different from working in a hotel or a lawn; you need to ensure that you create the grandness of a wedding without disrupting the original charm and sanctity of the space”, said Neha Wadhawan and Jinal Patel of The Doli Diary. 

Arjun and Ayesha’s lavish three-day nuptials created quite a splash at the sprawling property, The Royal Elm in Karjat, which is surrounded by lush greenery, picturesque mountains and a lake overlooking the property where their wedding took place. The Doli Diary planned and managed this lavish celebration of love, the preparations for which started 12 months in advance! 

Their beautiful ancestral farmhouse overlooking a serene lake was a setting deeming fit for a dreamy fairy tale and The Doli Diary certainly made sure that through their extensive planning, the wedding turned out to be the most cherished moment of Arjun and Ayesha’s lives. The bride, groom and their parents were thoroughly involved in the planning process which certainly helped team The Doli Diary to channel their vision of a dream wedding into a reality! 

The Doli Diary got an opportunity to transform The Royal Elm for the wedding which was indeed an unconventional venue choice as opposed to the generally preferred hotels or resorts. Transforming the farmhouse for Arjun and Ayesha’s wedding was quite a task and the planning started 12 months in advance; attention was given to the minute details to ensure 500 guests gracing the wedding to bless the adorable couple had the time of their lives! With several trips throughout the year at Karjat, ahead of the wedding day, team The Doli Diary made sure that every element was paid attention to and that, everything was perfect by the time the big day arrived! 

It was a big fat Indian wedding spanning across 3 days for Arjun and Ayesha, ahead of which guests were hosted at Radisson, Karjat. The wedding festivities kick-started with one of a kind welcoming pool party held at Radisson, Karjat on the day one of the three day mega celebration of love. The pool party had a fun Niki Beach vibe to it with all white décor elements done by Dreamzkraft. Middle Eastern elements like scarves, belly dancing belts that were distributed, foot massage and belly dancers to entertain the guests were some fun elements added to tastefully channel the families Middle Eastern connect. 

After this one of a kind welcome with a fun pool party sundowner, next morning, everyone geared up for the Mehendi ceremony which had a pop art theme, making it very Indian and colorful, channeling those desi vibes complete with giveaways like Bandhani dupattas, flown in straight from Jaipur, and a fun bride entry with a floral umbrella done by Srishti Floral Art, and decor by Dreamzkraft. 

The entire event was an amalgamation of love, laughter and celebration captured beautifully by The Wedding Salad and Romesh Dhamija Productions.

The Mehendi was followed by Sangeet which was held on the farm. It was quite a challenging affair for TDD to plan and execute considering the transportation, security, valet, lights, and housekeeping and to basically treat the entire venue like a hotel and yet ensure hospitality of 500 guests! Looking at these beautiful pictures though, we can't help but be amazed by the amazing work done by the entire team! The theme of the Sangeet was Bollywood, which was an affair, grand in every sense with a huge stage set up, two bar pop-ups to cater to the convenience of guests, groovy music playing in and some fun Bollywood elements ensuring the guests had a gala time followed by a post Sangeet party, after which the guests were escorted back to the hotel.

This was followed by Haldi which was a small knit intimate family affair. The wedding was a dreamy affair by the lakeside, the lush greenery and the serene atmosphere added to the grace and beauty of the unconventional venue as two lovers etched their love for each other amidst the company of their friends and family.

The reception had a very chic pastel vibe to it and was a modern affair. The toasts and speeches made it absolutely special for the newly married couple, as they gleamed with happiness. 

The beauty of this one of a kind wedding lies in various elements like an  unconventional venue to embark the beginning of an important milestone of their life, specially curated invitations and giveaways that added a personal touch to the whole experience and of course, the smiles on everyone's faces that made it indeed, all worth it!


Set amidst lush greenery, the Royal Elm, turned out to be a perfect canvas for not only the beautiful couple but also the planner, the Doli Diary

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