Top Tech Experts Speak About Technology That Is Changing Event Experiences

Industry Watch | May 16, 2018 | Feature

Clyde DeSouza Zeal Interactive Services The Key SEES

Technology and the event space have evolved together with one complementing the other. With the advent of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), new apps for engagement and technologies which are fulfiling every need - it's now all about changing the way people experience events as well as simplifying the efforts. It's a win-win situation for the brands and technology creators as both get a chance to play with creativity. Here's taking a look at some of these futuristic ideas through the top Tech Gurus who've changed the face of events with the help of technology.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality


I believe Virtual Reality is the one 'new tech' for creating experiences. While the immediate reaction is, "How can that be, isn't VR an alienating experience once you put on a VR headset?", I'd call that myopic foresight on an experiential creators' part. VR, is not for a family of three sitting on a couch in the same living room with VR headsets on. It is for 'connecting' families across town to enjoy a movie night. It is for letting grandparents visit their grandchild's 5th birthday party - live. It is for building 'community' at concerts and seminars. It is for the sense of inclusion that can be afforded to the infirmed; those not capable of travel and the list goes on. The next 12 months will see VR shine as the single new-tech in the experiences arena. 




The next wave as far as tech is concerned will be Robotics (humanoids). Technology will be used across all areas for example: on-stage technology will differ from registration, and so forth. Change will be there in every area. Robotics is one such field which now is being used in a minimal way but I am pretty sure that in forthcoming months it will be extensively used. We cannot discount the idea of robotics taking over the hosting - where a humanoid teams up with an emcee to co-host the show. Robotics will be mostly used in the registration process as well, wherein a user, by just standing in front of the robot, will get greeted by their name through facial recognition. The robot will also be able to make suggestions like which particular session will be better for them especially if it's a conference, etc. 




Artificial Intelligence


One tech that will change the way experiences are created is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is being used more and more each day right from Google assistants making calls for you to Alexa switching off the light. AI and machine learning (ML) will have a big role in the way new experiences will be created in events. One the most common use will be around personalisation and recommendation. Based on questions answered, choices, social listening through Facebook, Twitter, etc. systems will be able to personalise the content that will appeal to attendees and wow them. It works well with matchmaking engines wherein the engine can recommend people to meet and also schedule meetings. Another great use is Chatbots! that is very likely to replace event apps in time to come and also reduce dependency on training humans to provide information and guide. A great example was Betty the bot by Sciencio used at a BIzbash event. Another level of AI is with deep learning. In simple words every soon where the system will be able to read footfall and advise you to order more water or food 



Technology-based experiences will soon be the norm for guests attending events: be it weddings, corporate events, mice tours, conferences, or social events. We believe, Apps are the way ahead. Apps are in no way new, but what they offer can be. The Guest Interface app created by The Key, puts the guest first; designed according to their expectations and defined by the event manager's requirements. An app and backend management system we call the Workstation has been specifically designed for the event manager that intuitively takes the Guest's pre-event updates, during event experiences and post-event feedback session. 


Tech geeks talk about 'new technologies' that are likely to change the way experiences are created.

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