Dessert Trends in Wedding Menus – Top Caterers Speak

Weddings | May 15, 2018 | News

Busaba Course 21

Desserts and sweets are an important part of a wedding meal. But as times are changing, the desserts menu is changing too! When we asked top chefs on the trending desserts in wedding menus, this is was they had to say:

Puneet Sikand - The Kitchen Art Company


Wedding desserts in 2018 will infuse the brand’s personality, being the menu’s “curtain call” the guests will actually carry its taste back home. Sweet Indian mash-ups like caramelised banana paratha, orange cardamom brulee, nachos with a modern spin will have apple pie nachos and topped with toffee caramel. Cheesecakes will include exotic sauces like chocolate, caramel, butterscotch, fruit blends, syrups, Coulis and Fresh fruits, Nuts (roasted, smoked, candied), candies, cookie, brownie, cake, doughnut crumbles and more.

Reformatting or deconstructing is another theme that has cakes topped with Syrups, Sauces, Coulis, Fresh fruits, Prepared fruits that are roasted, candied, sugared, or puréed, Nuts, Honey, Candies, Crumbles, crumbs, crunches, Whipped Creams (flavoured), Frostings, Glazes, Gelées. Affogatos made using Turkish coffee, green tea, and espresso, coffee with bacon or maple syrup. Sometimes these are spiced and laced with mint. Healthy sweets like Greek yoghurts, Almond Panna cota and various sweets sweetened with Sucralose or Stevia are also served. There is a trend towards Gluten-free desserts and delicacies that include live and active cultures are made with milk from cows not treated with hormones, no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or ingredients, only natural ingredients that are not genetically modified (non-GMO), and are vegetarian and lactose friendly.

Chintan Suchak, Course 21

Molecular Gastronomy is big right now. People have started to realise it's not just a gimmick and give credit to the statement that cooking is an art and a science. We use liquid nitrogen to change the texture and garnish Indian and continental desserts.

Varun Tuli - Food INC Catering

In desserts, there are thematic concepts. For example, an entire station dedicated to chocolates, cheesecakes, and éclairs. We have 15-20 different styles of these. For example, a chocolate bar will have everything, from chocolate sushi to chocolate jalebi, and everything in between. We even bring in experts like Sprungli from Switzerland.

Most recently entire rooms have been dedicated to desserts - mints, marshmallows, paan, affogatos, hot chocolate, waffles and the like. We promote dessert as an experience, as it is one of the most overlooked sections! Imagine a candy land with lounges and bar stools and dessert drinks, mouth fresheners and of course Indian and western desserts! And then there are ice cream bars! Including hand churned kulfi, mochi ice cream, roller kulfi, fried ice cream and the entire world in conceptual ice creams like pizza, curls, nitrogen, bubbles and more.  

Nikhil Chib - Busaba

Grand tiered cake with fresh fruit and fresh flowers or a mini desserts bar with several sections - gourmet cookies, ice cream cold stone slab, fresh fruit popsicle pallet cleansers, chocolate covered marshmallows, pastel chocolate covered strawberries, gourmet chocolate tasting section, cheese trays with figs, nuts and honey mini choux pastries.

Celebrity Chefs tell us more about the trending desserts in wedding menus.

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