"Its About Making Technology Work For You": Mitesh Rakheja, Young Mirchies

Marketing | May 14, 2018 | Interview

Young Mirchies Mitesh Rakheja

Young Mirchies recently planned and executed a unique experiential marketing exhibition for Infinova where they came up with the idea of augmented reality to give out a never before experience to the visitors. In a conversation with Mr Mitesh Rakheja the founder of Young Mirchies who unveiled the concept and their game-plan to stand out.  

How did Young Mirchies come up with this idea of Augmented Reality?

We at Young Mirchies are at a constant hunt for new and better experiences for our clients when it comes to executing their events or planning a branding/marketing activity for them. Our Experiential Marketing team is on a continuous endeavour to design technologies which can engage and influence customers at a given event. It was the second year of us providing innovative technologies to Infinova Group and rightly so their expectations this time were far bigger than the last. In 2017 we had curated "An On-Demand Virtual Host" for them at Secutech, Mumbai. The beautiful Virtual Host, not only did welcome visitors to the stall but also explained Infinova's camera features with attractive animations, most importantly - when asked for.

This time, being an international project, we wanted the experience to be larger than life, to amaze the visitors with something they have not seen before and at the same time to be of International Standards too. Infinova, being a class-leading camera company, we thought of using a camera itself to show a live feed to the visitors and thus the concept of Augmented Reality came into existence.

How did you convert this idea into reality?                                              

Augmented Reality (AR) is a concept that makes you a part of the virtual world with actual surroundings being around you in real-time. While the idea of augmented reality with live feed clicked well for Infinova, the real challenge, however, was its implementation which involved taking the visitors by surprise and at the same time showing Infinova cameras features effectively. While we brainstormed numerous proposals for Infinova, AR suited the best as the Infinova team wanted a seamless experience and not make visitors touch or pick up something making the activity obvious. That made us freeze on the idea of getting a superhuman next to the visitor and show them the camera features one after the other. To trigger this a sensor-based technology was used, a screen served as a magic mirror where the live feed was shown; i.e. the visitors could see themselves and the surrounding ambience, but once they approached and stood on the sensor they were amazed to see a superhero approaching them from nowhere, popping right beside them, showcasing Infinova camera's and explaining its features. All Virtually, yet closest to Reality.

What were your expectations for this campaign? How did you think people will receive it?

The very intention of us designing this campaign was to create a high "Brand-Recall" value for Infinova Group. While we knew that the campaign would surely catch a lot of eyeballs and once few visitors try the same it would attract more and more visitors to experience it themselves, we wanted the superhero and cameras appearance to be as close as real thus making visitors remember this activity as one of its kind. The stance of the superhero, his movements and his portrayal of the camera's features required precision to be in sync with the real surrounding and ambience of the expo. We wanted that visitors should be surprised how they have a superhero besides them when he's actually not. It was amazing to see visitors really excited and curious to know where the superhero emerged from right next to them and happily trying to click a lot of pictures while he was around. So much so that at a given point of time, close to 40 visitors stood-by to experience the same! 

What do you think is the scope of experiential marketing in India?

In today's world, the gap between real & virtual world is going thinner day by day. With technologies becoming more-n-more effective in interacting with prospective consumers, brands are striving towards providing the best immersive experiences to their clients at events too. Things like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality were once only in talks, exactly like the Mobile Phones & Internet were in the past. According to IDC, a market-research firm, AR/VR revenues would rise nearly ten times in three years, from $13.9 billion in 2017 to over $143 billion by 2020. The pace at which Augmented Reality is being accepted world over, that day isn't far when brands and companies in every sector will engage with their consumers only through technologies like AR, VR, Mobile applications etc. Businesses across domains worldwide will need to invest in AR based applications and similar innovative technologies and India is no exception to this. 

The awe-inspiring success of AR apps like Pokemon Go only proves the impact the technology has on the consumers. These technologies surely have the potential to change the way Brands communicate to customers or how people attend or interact at events. Exhibitions for example, always call for huge investments in space, product logistics etc. Companies need to transport bulky display's, machinery and more across countries for display purposes. Technologies, when combined with an experience in the right manner do help in displaying these products to the customers without the product being physically present. Thereby eliminating a lot of logistics costs and at the same time allowing customers to garner more fulfilling experiences. 

Working in the space of providing Innovative, Futuristic technologies for events; we at Young Mirchies believe that "It's not about the usage of Technology, it is about making technology work for you" and enable you to have an edge in terms of innovations in branding and visibility!! Hence, it doesn't call in for a large platform or huge investments to adopt these innovations in your marketing/branding exercises.

In Conversation with Mitesh Rakheja founder of Young Mirchies about their Augmented Reality venture.

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