Influencer Marketing Plays A Vital Role in Promoting Our Solutions: Suvodeep Das, Sodexo India

Marketing | May 15, 2018 | Interview


Sodexo, since its entry into the Indian market, has changed the way corporates engage with employees for in-office benefits as well as opened up options to save tax. The company conducts multiple experiential events in order to connect with HR and corporate heads, through new-age activites like food walks. In an exclusive with EVENTFAQS, Suvodeep Das, Vice-President, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards India reveals the planning and the success of the activities.

How has Sodexo managed to blend experiential with modern trends?

Sodexo being a 100% digital company, a leader in employee benefits, we work closely with our clients and unearth many insights pertaining to the millennial workforce. In order to bring alive our proposition to the HR and employees, we do one-on-one connects at large HR events with Dun & Bradstreet, People Matters, and SHRM.

To showcase digital solutions, there is a large multi-taction table placed where HR Leaders can discover their leadership style by just customising a meal! The brand promotes its Sodexo Meal Card at these key events by enabling tap and pay solution for these NFC–enabled cards that allow HR leaders to experience what fast checkouts at their cafeteria would mean for employees. 

How big a role has digital played in recent campaigns?

As Sodexo is completely digital, the medium helps us target the communication better to the HR as well as the employees. With the campaigns, the brand has been able to generate quality leads with tools on social platforms, improved social listening with AI tools that in turn help tweak communication or respond real time, track real-time usage of our solutions and make modifications where necessary to improve the customer experience.

How have these experiential activities benefited Sodexo?

Experiential activities like Food Walks and Round Tables help us engage with HR Leaders and generate insights about their employees’ needs. At events like these, influencer marketing plays a vital role in terms of spreading awareness about our solutions, maximizing reach. For example; 

- Kalyan Karmakar a renowned food blogger and writer did three food walks for Sodexo with CXOs. His huge fan base helped the brand build a strong connect with food and popular eateries around. 

- Nikhil Chawla, food-tech blogger covered the multi-taction table at HR Tech 2017, where Sodexo’s tech solution reached out to a larger audience enabling positive sentiments and impressions for the brand.

How has the multi-taction table helped increase engagement for Sodexo?

Sodexo implemented the multi-taction table at several events between 2017-18. This highly immersive and touch interactive solution by Xenium Technologies Pvt. Ltd has the ability to read QR markers.

When a QR marker is placed on the table, the screen transforms into a dining table with an empty plate on it and various cuisines categorized around it. Depending on the selection of his/her most preferred cuisine, a Leadership Style is determined. In short, This Leadership Style is drawn from the CHRO’s meal preferences. 

Once the CHRO discovered the Leadership Style, they are then encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #NewAgeMealBenefits. For every tweet, Sodexo promised to feed a child at Akshaya Patra Foundation.

This campaign was a huge success hereby drawing maximum crowd attention. Due to this response and success of this campaign, Sodexo planned to conduct this activity across multiple cities for which they received good appreciation. 

What other experiential activities has Sodexo conducted? How do these activities help Sodexo reach out to newer clients? 

Sodexo keeps implementing newer techniques and experiential activities. Some of them done in recent times are:

- Experiential activities done at the kiosk: The Memory Game at one of the large events in 2017, enabled us to generate leads where in to play the game, the CHRO has to enter his details on the contact form embedded in the tablet. These leads are then passed on to the respective teams to open conversations with new clients. it helped improve engagement and also brought newer clients on board for the brand.

In an exclusive with EVENTFAQS, Suvodeep Das, Vice-President, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards India reveals the planning and the success of the activities.

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