22Hrs with Justin Bieber: One Year After Purpose World Tour Nemish Sanghvi Reveals All

Entertainment | May 10, 2018 | Guest Article

Justin Bieber Nemish Sanghvi

Today marks the first anniversary of the Justin Bieber: Purpose World Tour - India. The tour was managed by White Fox India India while Motwane Entertainment & Weddings (MEW) were hired for taking care of the hospitality, the main artist, and its crew. The team was lead by Nemish Sanghvi. 

The tour delivered much more than the promised for the Nemish as he was perhaps the only one who got to spend a whopping 22 hours with the international singing sensation. Nemish Sanghvi accompanied Justin Bieber throughout the city and helped him explore some of the best sights and moments around. In this #ThrowbackThursday exclusive, Nemish Sanghvi reveals just how was the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"Right from Justin Bieber's arrival at a private terminal on May 10, 2017 at 12.30 AM, Nemish was there to ensure everything flowed smoothly. He ensured Bieber was well taken care of. As soon as the formalities were over, Justin Bieber was taken to his convoy of cars which was lead by private Innova with four Police Officers and two security guards.

With over 150 media personnel thronging to take a closer look at the newly arrived celebrity, security was paramount and with the driver not well equipped to deal with the crowd, Nemish took over the mantle and stepped in behind the wheel, driving the lead car and Justin Bieber to St. Regis in Lower Parel. It was difficult to evade the press but he did manage to take Bieber right up to the light area in the hotel.

Impressed by the management, Bieber's manager insisted the hospitality manager help Justin tour around the city and explore the sights, to which he readily agreed. The eventful journey commenced at 1.30 AM once Bieber had freshened up and arrived with two of his friends, Carl and Richwil.

The most impressive part of the evening was the decision taken to ditch the security as the team of four set out to check out the sights of the city right up to 6 AM. They covered the iconic The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Gateway of India, Colaba, Siddhivinayak Temple, CSMT Station, Haji Ali, Worli Sea Face, etc. The discussion revolved around the horrific terrorist attacks of 2011 which saw some of the most loved sights like Leopold Cafe and Bar, Colaba affected. Other topics of discussion were the warmth and humanity the city offers all, Mumbai nightlife and the sleeplessness in the chaos, and others.

The friendship between Nemish and Bieber started out early with the celebrity introducing himself and asking about Nemish's family. Being a relaxed and care-free person, Bieber let his modest side shine through the interaction as he enquired about Nemish's daughter Teesya and even met her backstage (post the concert) knowing the 'Blieber' she was. Despite the awe, Bieber made it easy to bond with him and the 22 hours whizzed by in a blur.

After a brief respite, it was exploration time again and this time Bieber took the less-explored route with Nemish once again behind the wheel. Bieber explored Deonar Dumping Grounds and a chawl where he interacted with the locals and even played football with the kids! A strong believer in Karma and Jesus, despite being at the top of his game, he was simple, basic, and down to earth. He and his friends even graciously accepted an orange thread (a symbol of protection) that Nemish bought from the local market in Deonar.


Revealing his adventurous side, Bieber decided to ditch the chopper reserved to fly him into the destination -  DY Patil Stadium and insisted he be driven to the venue. Once again the team of four (with Bieber's security guard and Shera, Salman Khan's bodyguard) headed to the venue.

Here is where Team MEW with Aditya Motwane stepped in. The team had been brought on board a month ago for a total crew size of 115 pax including JB. and his VVIP Hospitality. With the plan change, Team MEW once again kicked into action and immediately confirmed the availability of a suite at Four Points Hotel in Vashi with the help of ground promoters.

The security challenge was manifold this time around as it was daytime with Bieber keeping the windows rolled down to interact with fans driving to DY Patil Stadium. Despite the chaos, the team managed to safely navigate and reach Vashi. Bieber's impulsive side was brought to the fore as he jumped off the car on spotting a Starbucks, driving the 700-odd fans gathered outside crazy. With Vashi Police stepping up to the task, the situation was handled effectively. 

After a brief respite, it was straight to the venue where post the performance and a small interaction with the backstage crew, Bieber ended his journey and headed to the airport private terminal. Justin Bieber fell in love with the city and was curious about the Indian religions, culture, languages, and more. Nemish's gift of a small keychain of Lord Hanuman made the team ecstatic, ensuring the eventful 22 hours closed on a high for everyone despite the high pressure and the sensitive nature of the journey!"

Talking about the experience, Nemish Sanghvi said, "I really want to thank Aditya Motwane and team MEW for believing in me and give me the mantle to handle Hospitality of such a huge artist. Thank you to Ninand Shah and White Fox for entrusting MEW with this. The biggest challenge was perhaps ensuring the safety of the celebrity as we were without security most of the time. Another challenge was navigating the car through the crowd of the fans and making sure Justin stayed safe while also enjoying. It gives me immense pleasure to have managed to overcome challenges while ensuring Justin's experience was flawless."

Main Image Credit: White Fox India

*Disclaimer: The reportage above is on the basis of inputs provided by Nemish Sanghvi, Founder, WE Hospitality during his time at the Justin Bieber: Purpose World Tour - India. The event was organised by White Fox India.

Nemish Sanghvi, Founder, WE Hospitality, reveals details about the 22 hours he spent with Justin Bieber during the Indian leg of the Purpose World Tour.

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