Orion Mall Celebrate Its 6th Year Anniversary With SENSES CREATIONS

Marketing | May 10, 2018 | News

Orion Mall Senses Creations

On the occasion of its 6th Anniversary Orion Mall roped in SENSES CREATIONSSenses Creation, in order to make it a memorable one. The Anniversary celebration took place in Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway on April 21, 2018.

SENSES CREATIONS was briefed to add an element of glamour at the mall to commemorate this occasion. Two installations were designed, which reflected the elegance and grandeur of Orion Mall. The theme of the installation was the garden theme and hence contained several floral elements. Both the installations had the mnemonic ‘6’ expressing the 6th-anniversary vibe. 

One of the installations, which solely served the purpose of a photo op, was placed at Central atrium area, Ground floor. Hues of pink, green, gold and white dominated the structure. Four Roman styled pillars surrounded an intricately designed white garden bench. Flowers and leaves supported these white structures to emphasize the garden feel. 

The second installation, which was shaped hexagonally, was placed at Central atrium area, Ground floor. It was primarily a photo gallery containing pictures of various events and celebrations, like the popular Orion Shopping Festival, Annual Flower show, Fun League, Christmas and Diwali Décor etc. that took place at Orion Mall throughout these 6 years were showcased.  Spectators were able to enter the structure and travel through the nostalgic six years of the mall and also click pictures with the centrepiece of the mnemonic ‘6’. 

Orion Mall 6th anniversary decor done by SENSES CREATIONS

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