Tata Tea Gold Mixture Preserves And Promotes Maharashtra's Tea Taste Through ST Stands

Marketing | May 7, 2018 | News

Tata tea

Maharashtra is the second largest tea market in India and is dominated by many local players. In order to preserve the local flavours and tastes of tea lovers in Maharashtra, Tata launched Tata Tea Gold Mixture to compete with existing local players while simultaneously creating awareness and loyalty for their own product. The brand, however, needed a platform using which they could connect with people from different walks of life. Vritti Solutions was roped in by the brand to meet up to the challenge. The agency began working on the brief by conducting a study by weaving it around the concept of “ST BUS STATION”.

Bus Stands are an important place of congregation point as every day thousands of people travel from small towns, talukas to district places and the travellers get energized with a “Cup of Tea or cutting Chai” after a tiring journey. Hence an Audio led activation for the brand “Tata Tea Gold Mixture” with communication, engagement, and sampling inside Canteens of ST Bus station was created.

Sonam Jaiswal – Sales Manager, Maharashtra, TGBL commented, “Tata Tea Gold Mixture is a special blend tailor-made for Maharashtra, which is why it was important to explore options to increase the brand awareness/loyalty and trials among consumers.” They achieved this through the innovative activity of Audio - Video led Bus Stand Activity in Maharashtra which helped them reach large consumer base to engage with them and to increase trials in a captive environment.

For Execution Aurangabad bus depot was selected for a Pilot campaign. The audio led activation had two different parts, first where audio announcements were made through the public-address system at bus depots along with TVC of Tata Tea Gold Mixture in LED installed at the depot. Secondly, engagement and activation were done through games and sampling of the product inside the bus depot canteen. 

Jingles along with TVC were aired from morning 8 am to evening 8 pm. Since passengers spend most of the time either in the waiting area or inside the canteen so they executed the activity inside. For all the seven days, Tata Tea Gold Mixture was served in the canteen which was personally briefed to all the passengers.

Every Passenger arriving inside Canteen was given Customize Coupons from TTG Mixture to avail a cup of tea in a subsidized rate.

As far as direct sales impact is a concern, a surge of sale was visible in the surrounding markets post this activity which indicated the success of the activity.

Tata Tea Gold mixture in order to reach out masses came up with an ST Stand Promotion Idea

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