Photographers Share Which One Capture They’re Most Proud Of and Why!

Weddings | May 4, 2018 | Feature

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Every photographer has come across a moment where they clicked that one picture they're super proud of! Here’s what the top wedding photographers have to say about their proud moments! 

Jayant Chhabra, Cupcake Productions

 The still captured in the infamous   Udaivilas Udaipur has been the most   awaited shot that we wanted to capture   for a while now. The execution began   with setting up the over gorgeous   backdrop, to the accurate positioning of   the couple. The challenges did not end   just the right symmetry for the shot, the   flowing water underneath had to   amalgamate with the rightly matched   acrylic sheets for the comfort of the   couple. Finishing it in style with the so in   trend drone shot, which resulted in the     classic angle and the perfect in sync symmetry in a frame. It was a dare that leads to such a stunning result and we cannot praise the couple enough for being so enthusiastic about making a dream visual come to reality.

Abhishek Behani, Jodi Clickers

This photo, taken at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa, Jaipur, is definitely one of our favourites of this season. Right before the Sangeet, in a chaotic 10-minute session, we had to take some memorable images of the bride and groom. Playing with shadow and light using multiple strobes, we managed to create a perfect setting where Supriya is fully visible while Aadit's silhouette is in play. This image reminded us of a picture perfect bride, waiting for her groom, who is about to step into her life from the shadows and light up her life!

Monisha Ajgaonkar, The Photo Diary

I think my favourite photo shoot will be in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. Here we were asked for shooting video but I did photos side by side. The final result of clicking these pictures was epic and those photos went viral. It was great to have that freedom. The bride, groom and their friends were very helpful. I’m proud of this solo shot of her as it was very difficult to capture because we had limited time. But I love it came out and how you can see the entire beauty of the place and the bride.

Aayushi Sachdeva and Kanishka Sonthalia, The Wedding Salad

Japinder was doing final touches on her dress for her cocktail in a room designated for family makeup. As soon as we entered the room, we saw the number of mirrors that were kept there. We instantly knew we had to do something with them but as usual, there was a crunch of time so making her pose was out of the question. This photo was a result of amazing teamwork and coordination where one person kept adjusting the light and the mirrors according to how Japinder was moving while fitting in her dress and the photographer kept changing the angle to get that perfect shot. After almost, 240 "not so there" kind of shots and 20 minutes of moving here and there we had this. I know this photograph will be just another in between kind of a moment in her album but for us, it's the result of an impeccable vision and instinctive teamwork.

Riva Bubber, Studio Riva Bubber

This picture was taken just as the groom helps the bride stand up for the pheras, and the way the bride looks at the groom conveys just how much she loves him and how she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him. For me personally, being part of a moment like this, that’s so private and full of love and the fact that I get to capture it for the couple makes my job so worthwhile!

Romesh Dhamija, Romesh Dhamija Productions

Kushal and Deepinder's wedding at Ludhiana is very close to our heart and we cherish the images we made for them. One of which is this pre-wedding one. The idea to shoot at the stud farm owned by some relatives of Kushal was suggested once we reached Ludhiana. Excited and equally nervous shooting for the first time at a stud farm. We took it slowly with the horses since you can never predict their temperament and especially involving a couple who's getting married in few days. Deepinder had obliged to Kushal for a shoot so he was not the lovey-dovey kind. After shooting some pics around with them, we asked Deepinder to hold one of the horses and move around. What followed next was a sight to behold with every horse following them. With the sun setting behind them and the contrast of these black beauties, the result is worth cherishing.


We asked top wedding photographers to share one picture they clicked that makes them proud

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