BollyCon Organises Special Fan Club Screening of 'October' with Bollywood Star Varun Dhawan

Entertainment | May 4, 2018 | News


BollyCon, a Bollywood Cultural Convention recently organised 'The Varun Dhawan Fan Club' meet for fans of the Bollywood star. Scheduled and organised around the launch of Varun's latest Bollywood film October, the meet-up saw the Bollywood hero engage with his fans in discussions as well as one-on-one sessions. The meet was held on April 13, the release date of the movie, at PVR Cinemas in Juhu.

The meet also provided an opportunity for fans to prove their loyalty to the idol by attending the first-day-first-show screening of his movie. The discussion with fans revolved around the fact that there is indeed a content-centric paradigm shift happening in the Bollywood industry.

Fans from all over the country participated in the event with many flying in from other cities and states to attend the meet. As "Varuniacs" also have an official BollyCon Fan Club President Muskaan Kasmani, the event saw her being officiated by Varun Dhawan.

Upping the entertainment factor, Mihir Joshi from The MJ Show was roped in to play host to the event. Varun Dhawan also hugged Mark Anthony Hopkins - a choreographer from Mumbai, who expressed to the star how touched he was because this movie was like a retelling of the story of his late partner and co-dancer Michelle who suffered the same fate as Shuili in this movie. To wrap it all, Varun was felicitated by a talented group of differently-abled people who represented the NGO Divyangkala. 

Dhawan was extremely moved and told the BollyCon representatives "This means a lot!" Kenneth Hopkins, the Founder of BollyCon added, "Theatrical releases are just one source of income for a movie there are many other monetisation avenues that we miss out on because we still need to organise our audience base. This is what BollyCon is here to do. We hope to help increase and optimise audience stake in Bollywood content."   

Bollywood Culture has always existed and it's no surprise that it continues to grow more rapidly than ever. However, the time has come when the communities that celebrate Bollywood Culture have begun to organise. BollyCon - Bollywood Cultural Convention, is an event IP that harnesses the unifying power of #BollywoodCulture to bring people together across the boundaries of ethnicity, denominations, demographics, and geographies conceptualised by Kenneth Hopkins.

The Varun Dhawan Fan Club met for the 1st-day 1st show of October to prove their loyalty to their idol.

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  • BollyCon Organises Special Fan Club Screening of
  • BollyCon Organises Special Fan Club Screening of

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