The Palace Orchard Wedding at Udaivilas: Designed by Amaahyaaj

Weddings | May 2, 2018 | News

Tamarind Global Diva Caterers

Heena Patel of Amaahyaaj used her creativity by designing a floating wedding mandap over the pond at the Front Lawns of Udaivilas for the Palace Orchard themed wedding. She also created beautiful spaces for guests to celebrate, dine and enjoy a luxurious wedding hosted by one of the country’s most prestigious business families.

Guests walked in to mirror birds swaying in the wind, that perfectly blended with the sound of ripples from the lake sending out soothing vibes and lotuses in full bloom at this dreamy event designed and conceptualised by boutique wedding design firm Amaahyaaj.

With the infrastructure support from leading wedding planner Tamarind Global, Amaahyaaj planned a cantilever structure over the pond and placed a stunning floral wedding mandap over it. The contoured lawn facing the lake was gently evened out with decking where the guests lounged and were involved in the beautiful ceremony.

Guest dining spaces were treated with stunning canopies of flowers which further added beauty to the food being served by Delhi based celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia and her company Diva. With the exemplary experience created the décor team also added fairy lights that twinkled in the night as the guests sat down to a memorable dining experience.

Guests revelled in the joy of the night and awed over every little detail planned to perfection by team Amaahyaaj and Tamarind Global. 

Heena Patel of Amaahyaaj said,"While the design is guided largely through one's imagination, I would say a space itself lends so much to the design. It speaks to you and for this particular wedding too, we wanted to create decor that compliments the existing venue and in fact, takes it up a notch. Udaivilas holds so much beauty and culture in itself - as we stood in the Front Lawns facing the lake on one side and the property on the other, we knew we had to create a Palace Orchard. The idea arose somewhat organically and we just walked on this journey and what you see today is the result of it. Our orchard had birds from our imagination - those made from mirror and lots of flowers. Even the prints and props we chose for this event were those that added to the imagery of an imagined garden in a palace." 

The extravagant wedding was planned by Tamarind Global and the catering was offered by Diva caterers

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