8th Annual Magic Bus Gala Dinner at JW Marriott South Beach, Singapore By GS Worldwide Entertainment

Entertainment | May 2, 2018 | News

GS Worldwide Entertainment JW Marriott Singapore

All Stars Football Club owned by GS Worldwide Entertainment and managed by GS Sports played a football game against the Celebrities Singapore Club in Singapore. The Bollywood celebrities of All Stars Football Club were also invited to the 8th Annual Magic Bus Gala Dinner, which saw the who’s who of Singapore. The aim was to raise money for the underprivileged children in India through a private Gala Dinner.

All Stars Football Club members travelled to Singapore on April 20, 2018 with GS Team who were managing them throughout their travel and stay at Singapore.

On April 21, the Gala Dinner saw many affluent and influential families from Singapore. The dinner started out with Abhishek Bachchan addressing all the guests and introducing Komal, a girl from Dharavi who had travelled all the way to witness the auction. This followed by the introduction of the All Stars Football Club to the guests by Abhishek Bachchan. This followed a small interaction between both the team captains – Mr. Bachchan from All Stars and Randall Tan from Celebrities Singapore Club.

Private Gala dinner aimed at raising funds for Magic Bus’s goal of giving underprivileged children an opportunity to grow in life. The celebrities helped Magic Bus in the process by being an active part of the evening. Magic Bus founder, Matthew Spacie witnessed the proceedings and later on thanked the stars for their involvement.

Post the Magic Bus Gala Dinner, Juspreet Singh Walia, CEO, GS Worldwide Entertainment said, “The Gala dinner was for a great purpose. The guests were special. All Stars had to be here and make it grander!” 

Founder and Chairman of GS Worldwide Entertainment quoted, “We should often have such events as it gives us an opportunity to involve in providing for the indigent. I feel fortunate to be a part of the All Stars Football Club who has always played for noble causes and this time the whole team could be a part of actually raising the funds, first hand. This was even better!”

Juspreet Singh Walia, Director, GS Worldwide Entertainment, said “With an aim of spreading awareness and bringing the underprivileged children from childhood to livelihood, Magic Bus has been doing Gala Dinners since the last 8 years now. We thought it would be perfect if Magic Bus's approach to inculcating sports with noble causes and Annual Magic Bus Gala Dinner could be amalgamated. Singapore has 9.23% Indian population and Bollywood is followed greatly in the country. What better if we could offer what they love and could help the needful at the same time?"

Mathew Spacie founder of Magic Bus said, “What’s been critical about our partnership with the All Stars Football Club is that over the course of the last 6 years is the impact it is now making on 25,000 children who are part of the Magic Bus childhood to Livelihood programme.  Through the efforts of the team, led by the charities Patron and the teams' captain Abhishek Bachchan each of these children will complete the seven-year programme and be placed in employment and out of poverty. (Critically the children see their icons volunteering their time and taking responsibility to ensure that they help shape the India they want to be a part of."


The Gala Dinner was host to the special guests that came from both the countries.

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