OneRepublic Enthralls Fans on Maiden India Tour; Vinay Agarwal Takes Us Behind the Scenes

Entertainment | April 25, 2018 | News

OneRepublic Opium Events

Let’s just say it at the outset itself that OneRepublic in India was truly a concert for all generations. From the bounciest of toddlers up to the grooviest of mothers and all the ages in between, everyone was dancing and shouting out lyrics to Grammy nominated quintet, OneRepublic songs on last Saturday evening at NSCI Dome, Mumbai.

The last-minute venue changes and humid weather didn’t deter the generationally diverse fans who welcomed the Colorado-based pop-rock band with suitably deafening applause. The five-piece incredibly talented outfit took to the stage and delivered a 90-minutes set, under a pyramid of lights, and smoke, highlighting the top-notch production value of the show.

A single spotlight shone down on lead singer Ryan Tedder, who kicked off the maiden performance with “Stop and Stare,” as a thick fog engulfed the stage amidst a light show that created veils and webs of light. From stark white lighting and backlit performers to a dynamic pyramid-style lighting structure featuring triangular LED screens capturing the onstage magic, the concert quickly gained momentum. Two iconic OneRepublic concert elements were also ever-present during the performance — Tedder’s black fedora and the cleverly lit upright piano.  The band was able to replicate its sound remarkably well live with the richness of cellos, fiddles and collective drumming adding to the overall effect.

The Los Angeles-based group seemed to be enjoying itself as much as the audience, who danced, sang and clapped along. Tedder who introduced his bandmates, thanked the audience with folded hands and said, “Namaste India, we wouldn’t be here without you. We generally plan our tour 6 months in advance, but this is the most last-minute tour we have ever planned, and we switched venues overnight. It’s a total dream come true for us. I wanted to visit India since I was 10. Nevertheless, the last 3 days have been nothing but sheer magic and nothing can describe the experience we have had in India! Shukriya.” Overwhelmed with the experience in India, Tedder also said that he was looking forward to visiting New Delhi, Jaipur, Goa, Bengaluru and other places in the country. He also expressed his desire to come back to India with a new album.

Cyrus Gorimar, Director, Opium Events remarked on another stellar concert execution as he said, “The band beautifully executed an impressive catalogue of hits from across the years. Their set could easily pass as a greatest hits album. Every member was giving the performance everything they had. We would like to thank the government, fans and our partners for all their support.”

Vinay Agarwal, Head of Production, OneRepublic India concert took us behind the scenes of the mammoth production. He elucidated, “Just about 3 weeks before the show as we lost MMRDA as a venue and thus, we had to start from scratch to plan the show. It was as good as planning a new show. Initially, it did not go down very well with the production manager of One Republic as they are not used to last minute changes but thankfully, they were very supportive and helped us in whatever way they could to make our lives easy.”

Agarwal adds, “The biggest challenge we had in front of us was to setup the entire production in less than 24 hours as the new venue was not available for the needed number of days. Thanks to precise planning and accurate delivery from every vendor, the setup seemed like a piece of cake. With more than 200 intelligent fixtures of lights / intense trussing / loads and loads of sound, it wasn't easy to be up and ready in such a short period of time. Thanks to Star Dimension and Audio Dimension we were ready to Rock N Roll before schedule and hand over the stage to the international crew to take over.”

EVENTFAQS Media had previously reported how SOUND.COM was roped in to manage the audio and sound set-up for the OneRepublic Concert in Mumbai. However, after the venue of the concert was changed to NSCI Dome, the job moved hands to Audio Dimension that put up a marvellous experience for the fans to revel in.

Event Partners

1) Security - Trigs - Naveen Singh

2) Lights and Truss - Star Dimension - Ashish Mehta

3) Sound - Audio Dimension - Jay Mathuria / Herman Lobo

4) Led - Spectrum AV - Jay Mathuria

5) Generators and Power Distribution - Rinsha Enterprise - Ismile Sheik

6) Venue Construction - V Ideas - Vicky Shah

7) Backstage Management - Cadre - Rafael Pereira

8) Branding and On Ground Management - Production Crew - Vikas Menon

9) Production Head - Vinay Agarwal

10) Show Promoter - Cyrus Gorimar

“To be frank I stepped out of my comfort zone to give the sound to Audio Dimension and was not at all disappointed with my decision which was only in the interest of the promoter as he got a very good deal for Sound / Lights / Led and Truss from the same company. Kudos to Herman sir and Jay Mathuria for delivering top class audio with their D&B rig. Every person I knew in the arena appreciated the sound quality. Getting a huge ovation from the bands entire touring crew post the show was the highlight for me and I did not expect this at all. I believe somewhere they knew we had achieved the impossible in the given time.”

The event O'Live Presents OneRepublic Live in Mumbai was co-powered by Nokia Mobile and VH1 In association with Universal Music India & 94.3 Radio ONE Mumbai at NSCI DOME. The apparel partner was Superdry, multiplex partner INOX Leisure Ltd and online ticketing partners BookMyShow & KyaZoonga.

The last-minute venue changes and humid weather didn’t deter the generationally diverse fans who welcomed the Colorado-based pop-rock band with suitably deafening applause.

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