A Take on Trending Wedding Invitations Designs – Industry Experts Speak

Weddings | April 9, 2018 | Feature

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Wedding invitations are transforming into a storytelling element of a wedding. From beautiful patterns to exceptionally unique themes, we asked the top wedding invitation designers from India what are couples asking for in their wedding invitation designs to know more about the trends. And here’s what they have to say!

Puneet Gupta, Puneet Gupta Luxury

When it comes to wedding invitations, couples want something very personalised. And if it is a destination wedding, they want everything in the invitation to be around it. For a city wedding, couples go for a personality-driven design that is more customised to suit their taste. Now everyone wants to change things based on their likings. Lots of couples want the wedding invitation to have a utility, a sense of memorabilia. These wedding invitations include hamper and wedding favours. For Deepika and Shoaib’s wedding invitation, they wanted a very classy and traditional wedding invite so we created a diary, pulling in things from Deepika’s poetry. Whereas for Bharti, she wanted something extremely quirky so we created the beach themed box for her. Wedding invitations are very subjective. But yes, these days’ people are more inclined towards quirky and off-beat designs. 

Yogesh Gajwani, YS Design Studio 

Everybody wants something unique and different. And as we are a niche specialised design studio, people come to us for exclusive designs and themes which are off-beat. So if there is a destination wedding happening in Malta or Udaipur, or even Venice for the matter, they want a feel for it. The theme of the wedding invitation should charge up a little and give the guests and invitees a glimpse of what will happen there. I don’t believe in trends. Anything that goes with your personality is "in". One creates their own trends. Design is subjective, depending on the couple and their families and their choices. Couples are asking for a fusion, very modern, or even go for English designs. Even for a traditional wedding invite, couples usually ask for a glimpse of modernity in it or in a very modern invitation, they ask for a hint of traditional elements in it. 

Sonal Aggarwal, Turmeric Ink 

Couples are looking for more customisations in their wedding invitations. They want their wedding invitations to reflect their personality and their wedding. Designs that are cleaner and more interesting are what people are looking for. Today, couples are more inclined towards giving box invites with gifts instead of edible presents with the wedding invitation. We’re also into e-invites, animations, and digital wedding invitations, and the new generation couples also opt these.  Each client has a different request, likes, and personality, and accordingly, they choose their wedding invitation. But I believe 90% of people still go for more traditional designs and only 10% go for quirky. Because not every family likes quirky wedding invitations, so I would say there is a bigger market for traditional wedding invitations, with more floral and elegant elements. 

Ravish Kapoor, Ravish Kapoor Innovative Invitations

Every marriage is unique and every couple is different.Couples now are very well prepared and know what they really want.Some are traditional hence they stick to the safer colour palettes with traditional elements, some ask for modern contemporary invites and then there are couples who are willing to explore and go for offbeat invitations.They are open to the use of technology, graphics, cartoons, audios etc. I specialise in customisation hence when I discuss the invites with them I pick their preferences individually and make sure the invite reflects their personality too apart from it just being an invite.Some like it loud so we add the bling, and some prefer them subtle and sober so we give them classic designs. We have created invites using projectors, audio clips as well as LED screens and then we have also done very modern invites with caricatures, paintings, graphics etc.

Ruchita Bansal, Director, Core Design

What couples are looking for in an invitation is something that speaks their joy and language of love. Themes and colour stories are something that the couples are following religiously. Pastels again take a heads up for the same. Matching the motifs of bride's lehenga with their wedding invite is also another takeaway. 360-degree customisation with motifs and prints that speak their language and represent the glimpse of foreseen experience is what attracts them the most. 

Top invitation designers tell us what couples are looking for in their wedding invitations!

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