An Enchanted Black & White Cocktail Party Conceptualised and Executed by Pomegranate Designs

Weddings | April 9, 2018 | News


Pomegranate Designs conceptualised and executed an enchanted cocktail party on February 14, 2018. The client was looking for a cocktail party in predominantly white and black colour schemes. They wanted to create a magical twinkling ceiling overhead with a balance of comfort yet displaying a high level of elegance with plenty of whimsical and celebratory elements. The layout Pomegranate engineered for this expansive site boasted of an intimate atmosphere, allowing guests to easily mix and mingle, just as the client wanted. 

They also designed unique concepts for this event, including, a reflective pathway leading upto the performance stage, French landscaping and lampposts creating a captivatingly lit path for a magical look at the entrance. They used exotic flowers, drapes and rich linen for the dining décor with candelabras and a mix of lilies, orchids, and chrysanthemums on the dining tables.  The result was a space where details came together to create a harmonious blend.  They also created a long pathway decked with rich drapes, crystal chandeliers, and floral arrangements in life-size vases leading up to the party. 

Pomegranate designed a black tie party in a classy white and black theme. Commenting on the design conceptualisation and décor, Mr. Ronak Sekhi, Business Head, Pomegranate Design, said, “We incorporated a stunning ceiling installation and a reflective pathway. The lounges had bespoke French furniture and wall panelling with beautiful consoles. The performance stage also had French art deco elements. The dining had stunning white and black drapery and long tables with white tablescapes. The venue was dressed in ostrich feathers and candelabras. The entrance was magical with tassels and pearls cascading from the ceiling, which set the mood for what is to come.” 


From exotic flower installations to French décor elements, this black and white cocktail party was a true example of luxury and class!

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