Wedding Décor Experts Reveal Most In-Demand Décor Elements and Trends Couples Ask For

Weddings | April 6, 2018 | Feature

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Every wedding has a different theme and décor that speaks more about the celebration. From quirky to traditional, the wedding trends at the present go from one style to another. To know two décor elements or trends that most people ask for their weddings, we asked industry experts to share their experiences and tell us the major elements couples are asking for – 

Vandana Mohan, Founder, Wedding Design Company

The trends and/or the decor elements that couples today are opting for their weddings are more natural and deconstructed looks. They are leaning more towards an organic, minimalistic feel. According to me, for a Sangeet - reflective surfaces and light installations are something couples today are willing to experiment with. 


Neelabh Kapoor, Director, Studio Neelabh

Honestly, I don't believe in trends. I take every client as an opportunity to create a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE when I design a wedding. I think from the client’s perspective and build on that and create a fusion, a mix of ideas based on various discussions I have with my client. As every wedding I work on is for a discerning client, they expect everything to be customised and different. So I end up designing every wedding in my signature way. I don't refer to any colour of the season, nor choose a material, or follow a particular style to give a meaning to my design. I simply try to reflect the personality of the client, their individuality, to make their wedding a reflection of their tastes.  


Eg 1 - We recently designed a mehendi for a Dubai-based family which was totally away from the regular Indian style. We decided to create a European style Mehendi, using more of aqua turquoise shades and blended the same with pop up colours. We design in conjunction with the venue. So in this event, the venue we selected was the Creek, a Poolside venue in a Hotel with European Architecture. So we decided to keep the design language in the same tone. 

Eg 2 - Similarly we selected BAB AL SHAMs for a Royal Gala Dinner Ceremony for the Royal Families of Emirates. Though it was in a desert with old architecture, we decided to create a concept of growing trees and a green glass house concept to go totally contrasting and unique, thus unexpected. The idea was to build on nature’s elements and also address the lack of these, and hence elements included the sun, moon, trees, and greenery. A large dome was fabricated to depict the earth which projected a storyboard supporting this over-all concept.

Vishal Chand Mehra, Co-founder, Wedding Duo

At Wedding Duo, we don’t really follow trends. We brainstorm and ideate as per the client's preferences, the event, the venue and build a full story from there on. We give an identity to the event which is personalised. And even for me, as an individual and as a designer, I feel trends are for those who can’t figure or conceptualise a design story or style. For me, it comes from internal feelings and external factors pertaining to the clients and their event.


Eg 1 -  A backyard of a home is often left out but we decided to include it in all vibrancy with one brightly dressed palm tree bark and quaint colourful settings.

Eg 2 - This house event began in the living and dining areas on the ground floor and extended itself up to the terrace on the second floor. We filled the stairwell with these colourful hanging crepe paper cones that looked wholesome connecting the event well enough. 

Sarosh Patel, Director, Effects Tech

Weddings is the space where people like to experiment, want to try and achieve the impossible, go bigger and create a wow factor, shocking their guests with ambience never seen before. Talking about the decor trend for social parties, they are going more into reflective surfaces, mirrors, gold, a lot of acrylics compared to the cloth and drape or structures. The wedding decor scene is more intensely changing to a lot of floral installations and even the structures that are created with blown glass and laser cut M.S. sheets or tensile material. The wedding of the past had palaces and temples for their decor theme which made the entire look very heavy, this has changed to classy subtle elements of decor. Now the aim is to create a canvas with multiple elements surrounding a central masterpiece and you weave the story around it.


Ashna Singh, Founder & Head Designer, Aash Studio 

I think right now couples want to make their décor look more personal. People are going for personal elements to incorporate into their wedding decor. It could be hashtags or if they’re brought up in a certain city, or fell in love in a certain city, they want to add those to their wedding decor. Couples are asking for memories and songs, that makes their wedding more special. Brides are incorporating the personal touch in their mehendi, brunch décor, and creating themes on that basis too. Wedding décor has become very personal now. Couples want their guests to take away beautiful memories with them. They should remember it as something different and unique. Couples want to make their wedding décor look special with the right customisation and personalisation. They usually want something that was never done before. 


We spoke with the best wedding décor specialists to know what’s trending

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