F5 Advertainment Creates a Unique and Inspiring Dealers’ Meet for Ultratech

Marketing | April 4, 2018 | News

F5 Advertainment UltraTech

Spanning over two months, F5 Advertainment conducted 6 back-to-back events where Ultratech dealers along with their families from 6 different markets (approx. 600 dealers per state) were invited to the host city, Kochi for a unique dealers’ meet program. All invitees were sales performers and were felicitated during the course of the event. 

See below how F5 brought in their flavor of refresh into this event:

Check-In & Welcome 

The first impression is always the most important, and keeping that in mind the entire pathway of the hotel leading to the lobby was decorated with T - Pole branding and two 3D life-size standees were placed at the entrance.

The registration desk resembled traditional Kerala houses with red roofs and bamboo pillars. F5 adorned the registration desk with Urlis & Samays to add to the authentic look. The highlight was a large 50ft photo booth created at the welcome that resembled a Kerala houseboat.

Day 1 Night - Keralotsavam 

Keralotsavam had an exquisite festival ambiance created with Kerala styled umbrellas, urlis, samays and banana trees, among others. We showcased the rich variety of Kerala folk dances, right from Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Kalaripayttu, Bharatnatyam, Pullukali, and Singerimelam, to a traditional folk band comprising of the Mrighatam, Ghatam, and flute. Considering the dealers were from the northern part of India, these performances were done in a unique style (more fusion), left them awestruck. 

Day 2 

The second evening was themed 'Sufiana' and colors used were deep blue and maroon. The entrance had 1000 candles leading to an arch that was adorned by flowing drapes. The stage was the big highlight of the night, where a Sufi turban was replicated along with candles and shamadaans. Warsi Brothers and Nizami Bandhu mesmerized the guests with their great command on Sufi music. 

Day 3 – The Main Day 

Adopting a futuristic theme, F5 created a 'Future Ready' concept for the awards. A grand 100ft stage created the right impact on the audience and the filler acts mesmerized them with their performances. The Tron Dance, Laser Show, Jyoti the illusionist, and Liquid drum act had left the guests asking for more! The evening concluded with Akhilesh Tiwari who gave the guests an evening of soulful music they will cherish for a long time. 

Speaking of the event Ajay Modgil, Founder, F5 Advertainment, says, ‘As usual, it was a privilege to work with Ultratech Cement for the second consecutive year. Ultratech wanted us to make all their 4000 attendees feel special and make sure that we leave them with fond memories. Expectations were high and it was our duty to provide nothing but the best - for the best. We are overwhelmed with the response this event has garnered and I thank the Ultratech team for believing in us'.

All invitees of the event were sales performers and were felicitated during the course of the event.

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