Top Wedding Filmmakers on Avoiding Repetition in Wedding Films

Weddings | April 4, 2018 | Feature

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From the earlier wedding videos to the new wedding films, Indian weddings have always been about creating and capturing memories. But as the trends suggest, wedding films are no longer the newer versions of wedding videos. From styles to destinations, everything has changed, yet there is a repetition that you will come across when you see wedding films. To understand how wedding filmmakers are coping with this, we asked them to share how they are coming up with fresh ideas for wedding films. And this is what they had to say -  

Ram Bherwani

We’re genuinely working very hard to make every wedding film different. And especially for this, we have now hired a full-time director on board, who comes up with ideas and concepts for different styles of wedding films. We’ve started meeting the bride and groom first to understand their likes and dislikes and how exactly they want their wedding film to look like. We sit with them and decide the colour palette. We are now making Ad film styled wedding films, which are very unique. We’re trying to play with colours to make every film vibrant and resemble the personality of the couple. Previously, wedding films used to be done quite opposite to how we’re doing now. We first used to go to the location, quickly meet the couple and ideate on the spot. Now we’re more focused on delivering what the couple wants by first understanding them and then going about with the concept for the wedding film. I believe, pre-preparation has the changed the ballgame. Also, think the wedding film should tell a story. It should have a graph of the lows, highs, emotions, and fun basically, it should be like a movie which tells you the true story of the bride and groom. 

Antalya wedding from Ram Bherwani on Vimeo.

Anand Rathi

Gone is the time when we used to romanticise wedding films. I usually toy around wherever I can to make sure the wedding film says everything raw. No censorship on language because it is for the couple’s memory. We’re stripping down the wedding films from the romanticising fashion to the more real fun version. The Anti-Wedding Trailer is what wedding films are all about today!

The Anti Wedding Trailer from Reelsandframes on Vimeo.

Raonak Hathiramani

It’s very simple. Not to follow a template. People are doing the same films and hence at the end, every wedding film looks similar and repetitive. Some usually go for one interview with the couple not looking at the storytelling concept. We’re more into storytelling and believe that as every couple is different; their stories should also be conveyed differently. This year we introduced a completely new concept. We filmed the whole wedding on iPhone X. We like to use technology to enhance the weight age of the work we are doing. We go for themed aspects of the films to make it look fresh and stand out. 

Kartik Bhagat

I believe to make a wedding film unique, we should know how we can play more around the music, add folk songs for cover songs of the films instead of the usual Bollywood tracks. The content of every wedding film varies from couple to couple. We first interview them and understand the theme and idea of their wedding film. For example, we did a unique film which was gifted from a father to his daughter on her wedding day. It was a Sindhi wedding in which, the father who used to sing a lori (lullaby) for his daughter when she was young, sang the same lori live for his princess’s wedding. For this moment, we created a film with the girl’s childhood pictures and added instrumental music in the background. Just like this one, even for creating a wedding or pre-wedding film, I believe bringing an emotional aspect to the film is the most important thing to justify the emotions of the family and couple correctly. 

Megha Israni

We like to create a story. So we pre-shoot the event completely. We churn out one-minute videos of every function and send it to the clients on the same day. It could be one minute video of the complete wedding, varmala or other ceremonies. Bloopers, and behind the scenes are also a different and quirky way to create something fresh and new. We focus on the raw stuff, what people said or did while they were drunk are what become perfect memories. It needs to be fun and look perfect with the couple’s personality. Lip dub wedding videos are also a quirky wedding trend. 

Vani Ameya | Wedding Shortfilm | by Megha R Israni from Signature Films - Megha R Israni on Vimeo.

No more repetitive wedding films. Top wedding filmmakers speak on ways and trends of new wedding film videos.

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