Bira 91 April Fool’s Fest 2018 Charms Audiences With a Thoroughly Engaging Experience

Marketing | April 3, 2018 | Feature

Bira 91 ThoT Media

One of Bira 91's first initiatives in the experiential marketing realm has been the recently organised April Fool’s Fest that took place at NSIC Grounds in New Delhi on March 31st-April 1st, 2018. The 2-day festival was the first time that Bira 91 debuted on any platform with its brand ethos ‘Make Play’, which made the success of the event even more crucial. Thankfully, the festival was a victory for the brand as the audience love poured in from all quarters.

                                                 Video Credit: Bira Facebook Page  

As we walked through the gates of the venue to attend the festival we were greeted by a calm and unchaotic setup at the Box Office. After attending almost all the music festivals this season, believe us when we say that this was a truly unconventional thing to see as Box Office is one area of a ticketed event which is marked by audiences howling over ticket frauds, long-unorganised ques, and a less than informed staff at the other end of it.

The main festival area had a cool and quirky vibe to it, completely decked with multiple ‘Winking Black Monkey’ Installations (Bira 91 ambassador), a small but sufficient food area, a central beer bar, a comedy zone, sidebars that served interesting Bira cocktails, a merchandise zone and of course, a rocking main stage. Don’t get us wrong when we say that the magnitude of the festival was relatively smaller than we expected, but maybe that was what custodians at Bira were trying to aim for.

Fascinatingly, the interesting concoction worked as there was not a single dull area throughout the festival. There was a plethora of buzz everywhere and the musical lineup which included names like Raja Kumari, Divine, MadStarBase, DJ Uri, and Nucleya kept the audiences on their toes. The majority of the crowd started to gather up in time for the final performances and the April Fools’ Fest 2018 ended with a bang, leaving the audiences wanting more of the Bira Experience.

Talking about it, Ankur Jain, Founder, and CEO, B9 Beverages shared, "April Fool's Day happens to fall on the 91st day of the year, and hence it is extra special for Bira 91. We succeeded in creating an experience that was a tangible translation of our brand's ethos of bringing out the fun, playful side within each of us. We’re hoping to make this into an annual property for the brand."

The ‘Imagined in India’ beer brand Bira 91 has in just 3 years of its establishment captivated a significant 5% share of the thriving beer market in India. What makes this achievement of the brand even more prolific is the fact that the custodians at Bira claim to have not spent a single penny into its traditional marketing endeavours yet reflecting that the growth of the brand is a result of organic reach and word of mouth popularity.

In a private screening organised recently at the Roseate House, Bira 91 founder Ankur Jain spoke extensively about the brand narrative and gave us a glimpse of the first brand film that is about to hit the marketing channels soon. The brand premise ‘Make Play’ which revolves around the idea of making the most mundane days interesting is a refreshing change of pace from the ‘Aspirational’ angle that most other brands in the alcoholic beverage segment are marching with.

To review it from the audience engagement perspective, the Bira 91 April Fools’ Fest 2018 was one of the most immersive boutique festivals that we’ve seen so far. We spoke at length to the audiences at the festival and almost everyone seemed to have had a gala time. What the brand could have added to the festival format was more of the experiential zones that would further elevate the engagement quotient of the attendees. But all in all, the debut experiential initiative from Bira 91 will forever be remembered for its clever artist lineup, quirky vibe and a stellar execution from the event management partners - ThoT Media. 

Picture Credits: Bira 91 Facebook Page

The 2-day festival was the first time that Bira 91 debuted on any platform with its brand ethos ‘Make Play’, which made the success of the event even more crucial for it.

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