Cyrus Gorimar, Opium Events Talks OneRepublic, Overall Plans and the Recipe for a Successful Concert

Industry Watch | March 22, 2018 | News

Opium Events

Founded in 1997, Opium Events has been responsible for bringing down iconic international acts including Joe Satriani in 2005, Sepultura in 2007, Michael Angelo Batio in 2015, and Dream Theater in 2017 to India and Dubai. Headquartered in Mumbai, the event production company has a long-term vision of amplifying the independent and rock genre of music through strategic alliances and IPs as well as bringing down top grossing acts to local shores for debut showcases.

Recently, the company announced that it will be bringing the award-winning American band - OneRepublic to India for a headlining concert on April 21st, 2018 at the MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai this year! In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, Cyrus Gorimar, Director, Opium Events talks about the upcoming OneRepublic concert, overall plans of the company and more!

When did you decide that you need to bring OneRepublic to India and how challenging was the process?

Actually, it all started last year when I was approached by the OneRepublic management to consider a show in India. The final offer and sign off only came in February this year. The management is fabulous to work with and very co-operative.

With the stunning execution of the Dream Theater last year, you pushed the envelope for concert production and execution In India. What can the audiences expect from the OneRepublic concert?

Dream Theater came down with 9 tonnes of equipment; OneRepublic is coming down with 19 tonnes of back line. Besides the music which is all going to be live, the special effects and pyros will blow the minds off the concert viewers.  We are visually creating a storyline to every song that will be played out on the AVs and there will be a massive fire show towards the end.

It has been recently revealed that SOUND.COM will manage the sound production at the OneRepublic concert. Who are some of the other partners you are working with for concert?

So, as you know there is Warren D’Souza for sound, apart from him we have Vinay Agarwal for production, Jashoda Madhavji for publicity, Rafael Pereira as artists advancer for hospitality and Julius Alexandra and Romy Singh for digital marketing. We have partnered with Bookmyshow and Kyazoonga for ticketing.

The tickets for the concert are already LIVE. What has the audience response been so far and do you think India as an events market has reached the point where large-scale concerts can stand on their own feet just by ticket sales?

The success of a concert is always a combination of marketing and publicity because there is so much of a clutter today with so many events happening in and around the same time that leaves the audiences spoilt for choice. Gone are the days where audiences would be treated to one major act once a year. Apart from ticket sales, large format events today require heavy sponsorships and brand integrations else it becomes a challenge to break even since a lot of money is invested in the event apart from paying huge fees to the artists. While the top of the line acts have a lot of takers, it’s the relatively medium sized acts that require the extra push and most Indian consumers are very driven by the overall hype and popularity factor. The audience reaction has been fairly decent to our event and we hope to have a sold-out show.

What are your overall plans for the year 2018? Do we see more international icons like these being brought to India by Opium?

Yes of course. We plan to bring down 2-3 acts every year. I already have something planned for May, August, and November this year.

A lot of new festivals took off in 2017 like TimeOut 72. Can one expect Opium to launch a massive music festival of the similar magnitude soon?

I believe in pure unadulterated music. So, a music fest by us will also be on the same lines. Music has to be pure and most importantly played live.  I don’t endorse the concept of lip-synching more so because I’m a musician myself. I am also not into the mixed genre of the fest culture. While I’m open to experimenting, I believe every IP that is a product of Opium should reflect our core value system for which we have benchmarked ourselves.

What according to you makes for the recipe of a successful concert for the audiences that is not just a stunner in terms of execution but is also a financially viable business model?

Well to start off, negotiate with artists and vendors well, don’t comprise on production, price the tickets well, don’t splurge on marketing, limit all the brand barter deals, plan a standalone show rather than multi-cities and hire the A-Team.

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, Cyrus Gorimar, Director, Opium Events talks about the upcoming OneRepublic concert, overall plans of the company and more!

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