GS Entertainment Executes the Fourth Season of Indian Super League for Chennaiyin FC

Entertainment | March 20, 2018 | News

GS Entertainment Chennaiyin FC Indian Super League

GS Worldwide Entertainment was assigned to execute the 4th season of Indian Super League in Chennai for Chennaiyin FC. After a successful season last year, Vita Dani and Abhishek Bachchan gave another opportunity to Team GS. The challenges were relatively higher this season as the league had diminished its role and the club had to take part in most of the activities at venues. This was a step towards making the whole league self-sustaining over due course of time. The club got GS on board to execute most of the venue operations. The first match was on 19th November 2017 and the execution team had everything ready on time. The branding, housekeeping and other departments were much appreciated by the guests, league and club. 

A Super Fan zone was created for the fans to give them an experience like never before! The VIP lounge was created with a caricature look showcasing every player of the team and their personal traits. The guests really loved the different ambiances created for them. The VVIP lounge had a different feel to it with life-sized portraits of the players giving it a very rich look. A team picture was also a part of the whole look which displayed the whole squad along with coach John Gregory. Owner’s lounge was created with a wall having caricatures of all the team owners. It gave a new edge to the whole ambiance of the hospitality lounges. 

The stadium branding was huge and had a lot of drop-down banners and sponsor banners around the stadium. Even the directional signages donned club colors so that the spectators could feel the vigor of the team that they put in for every game. Chief Production Officer, Jignesh Jain quoted, “We at GS feel an urge to create an experience for the spectators in which they’ll feel the core thought of the home club and when they enter the stadium, they can feel all the energy of their team, Chennaiyin FC. This makes them cheer harder and happy spectators are the greatest accolade for us!”

The home venue saw 10 games and maintenance was the biggest challenge faced by the team as the league had stretched itself from 3 months (last year) to 5 months this year! Team GS made sure that nothing much was damaged and if there was any, the replacement was done at the earliest. The team had to be really vigilant about the equipment, field of play, banners, branding, regular housekeeping, mats in the hospitality section etc. Even masking around the stadium was to be replaced before every match if there was any damage recorded. All it took was a vigilant team who trusted in perfection to detail. The sponsors were allocated spaces for their outlets and various stands had specific branding according to the sponsors. To ensure that everything ran smoothly, GS paid special attention to their requirements and no lapses were made. 

The security for a football match is a major concern for all the authorities as the spectators might get emotionally involved and may get into an argument leading to chaos. Chennai is really attached to its football club and security was to be maintained at high standards at both, practice and Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. During the whole tournament, there were no security lapses and GS was successful to maintain a high security for both, celebrities and players. The players were at times allowed to interact with the spectators on request and it was GS’s responsibility to assure that the audience was in control as well as enjoyed the experience of meet and greet with their favourite players.

Chennaiyin FC led themselves into the finals after beating FC Goa on 13th March with the final score 3-0. They won against Benagaluru FC becoming the champions for the second time! After the win, Mr. Bunty Walia, Chairman at GS Worldwide Entertainment quoted, “It is a great moment for all of us as our team won the cup! Helping them achieve this with our efforts makes me and the whole GS team proud! We’re already looking at the next season which will commence later this year!” CEO, Juspreet Singh Walia, GS Worldwide Entertainment quoted, “Hard work really pays off all the effort that was put in. This has been true for both GS and Chennaiyin FC this year! We are proud to be associated with the champions of this year at ISL!” 

GS Team took care of the venue operations, branding, hospitality, lounge branding, security including accreditation and media management at the home ground of Chennaiyin FC in Chennai.

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