Watermark Event Solutions Plans A Gorgeous Enchanted Forest Reception in Kochi

Weddings | March 14, 2018 | News

Watermark Event Solutions Crowne Plaza, Kochi Paperboat Wedding Photography 123 Wedding Album

The couple, Anjana and Rohit had a westernised wedding reception in Crowne Plaza, Kochi, India in the last week of January 2018 and Watermark Event Solutions LLP ensured that the couple's wedding dreams came true . The couple nailed the outdoor dinner reception vibe by keeping the decor classy with a light color palette paired with a whole lot of greenery. The reception was simple, beautiful and organic, and it was definitely etched into the memory of their friends and family. 

Our wedding planners met the couple about 6 months prior to the wedding, leaving enough time to plan, customise and perfect the reception. The couple was certain that they wanted a simple, rustic, and classic wedding — an Enchanted Forest themed reception was precisely what the bride had in mind; and with a little bit of our design magic, we were able to bring her idea to life.

 Keeping the couple’s tastes and preferences in mind, magic was created by incorporating elements of geometry into every design piece. The main pieces of the design included the stage backdrop, a vintage-inspired movie booth, a personalised hashtag photo booth, a memory lock prop where blank tags attached to padlocks were available for the guests to jot down their wishes for the couple. However, what really put the decor over-the-top was that all design elements, in one way or the other, symbolised an enchanted forest in the modern times. Also, the customised logo and the couple hashtags which we incorporated into certain designs gave the entire set an intimate feel. The function as such was an extension to the couple's personalities, where elements of green depicted their youthful-selves and their love for nature. And the modern geometric infusion related to a touch of western culture in them as they are both based outside of India. 

The setting was a perfect beginning to the next chapter of their fairytale love story; about 200 geometric lights hung above the set, and the tables draped in linen topped with candles and terrariums in geometric vases. 

In a nutshell, this wedding reception was the perfect celebration of the couple's love! The outdoor event was set in the perfect spot to include elements of green along with modern touches throughout the reception design. From the candles to the lush greenery, the reception was a perfect balance between luxury and nature. To add to the previous statement, the serene backwaters served as the perfect backdrop for the entire reception party. 

The outdoor event was draped in elements of lush greens along with few modern touches throughout the reception venue.

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