Studio Neelabh Kick-Starts UAE Operations with an Event for UAE Royalty

Weddings | March 9, 2018 | Feature

Studio Neelabh Bab Al Shams

Studio Neelabh announced the launch of its UAE operations, with a Wedding & Event Company called Studio Neelabh Luxury Weddings and Entertainment LLC, Dubai. The company started operations with a trade license in Dubai, this January 2018. 

The 4-km thematic driveway flanked by 345 sky trackers leading to the main event areas, covering a total production space of 32,000 sq. mts. 

In the month following its inception, Studio Neelabh successfully planned, designed, produced, and executed a Mega Gala Dinner Ceremony for the esteemed royal families of five Emiratis. Hence achieving a new high of accomplishment of becoming the first Indian-origin, solo event company to manage and host a Royal Event for Emiratis in Dubai.

The event took place on February 20, at Bab Al Shams, where a barren land was converted into a venue for this high-profile event. Bab Al Shams is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, and the area is said to house one of his summer palaces. The gladiator arena in Bab Al Shams is known to host international music festival sensations from Amsterdam and has also been host to Sheikh Mohammed’s most high-end events. It is the most challenging venue to manage due to high security and protocol issues, but also made for the most fitting venue for the Royal guests.

Chief Guests present during the evening included: Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan - Minister of Culture and Youth and Social Development, Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi - Crown Prince of Fujairah, Sheikh Nanoon Bin Mohammad, Sharjah Royal family, and the Royal Family from the Ruling Crown Prince of Dubai. Also present were the local esteemed Emirati personalities and celebrities from across GCC.

The Barren Gladiator Arena at Bab al Shams before the set-up of the Gala Dinner Ceremony.

A Customised, Thematic Venue Created within a Barren Arena

“We created the entire larger than life set-up inside the most unique venue of Bab Al Shams, a large arena. The massive arena witnessed the most dramatic performance and lighting effects with customised thematic decoration. A dome structure was created to house a fine-dine experience with 360-degree projection inside and outside,” said Neelabh Kapoor, Director, Studio Neelabh, India, and UAE. 

A larger-than-life dome structure with 360-degree projections inside and outside, housing 8  fine-dine restaurants set-up especially for the Gala Dinner.  

The overall set-up included a massive production of a large Galaxy, with see-through glass marques and luxury lounges with a dramatic main stage, that were all designed to create the ‘Gardens of Dunes’ look! 

Speciality Catering and F&B Curation for Royalty

Studio Neelabh and his team were involved in curating the entire catering setup, for which a professional and highly sophisticated culinary team of more than 90 chefs representing Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa and Hotel with The Meydan Hotel, were brought together. A total of 1200-hours of efforts and contribution within a span of 8 hours were needed to achieve the goal. In that time they offered a remarkable fine dining experience journey to every single guest at the Gala Event.

Explaining the unique concepts of the F&B experience, Neelabh Kapoor, Director, Studio Neelabh explained, “Culinary masterpieces were prepared by chefs de cuisines and their culinary teams representing the 8 high-end speciality restaurants of both properties, that were relocated to the Gala ceremony venue.”

The experience was complimented with great performances by Pakistani and Indian singers. The event also featured visual treats of contemporary international artistic performers.

A 4km Thematic Drive-way Flanking the 32,000 sq mt. Production Space

345 skytrackers flanked a 4km long thematic drive-way, which led guests into the main areas of the event. Within the event areas a 3km long truss with 36.21k lumens, Christies high definition projectors, brought the dome structure to life. 

A 100 meters long food spread on each side with 8 high-end thematic restaurants was created to host the Gala Dinner Ceremony. Commenting on the mammoth production task, Neelabh added, “We were working on an overall canvas of 32,000 sq mts! That’s the reason we termed this a mega project! The space not only had to be designed but curated as a dramatic experience right from the arrival, the venue, to the main areas of the Dinner Ceremony.”

This Mega, Gala Dinner Ceremony was hosted for the esteemed Royal Families of UAE at Bab Al Shams, a barren arena, re-imagined into a venue fit for a Royal Celebration.

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