Umaid Bhavan Palace Lit Up By The Royal Wedding Of Zubin and Aashna Executed By YOLO Entertainment

Weddings | February 28, 2018 | News

YOLO Entertainment

The Umaid Bhavan Palace, Rajasthan  was chosen as a venue for the grand wedding celebration of Zubin and Aashna from January 19 to 21, 2018. All the ceremonies were executed perfectly by YOLO Entertainment according to the brief shared by the couple and the family.

The fervour and enthusiasm of the wedding began  right on the Jet Airways Charter Flights where in the guests grooved to the melodious tunes of Paris House Addict.  

From headrests to menus, everything wase personalised on these charters and the guests were welcomed onboard with pomp and show. 

A personalised welcome desk royally dressed up along with a beautiful welcome signage hoarding at the Jodhpur airport welcomed each and every guest post which they were ushered to their respective hotels in the city.

The guests were welcomed in the most royal way with garlands, dhols and tikkas  Every room was dressed up with personalised stationary - personalised key card holders, itineraries, pictures of the guest framed and kept on their bedside to give them the warmth and comfort of being their very own room. 

A celebratory family dinner was held on January 19, 2018 at Khaas Baug in Jodhpur amidst the beauty of classic vintage vehicles, a Regal onset to the festivities. 

The first day, January 20, kicked – off with The Masquerade Ball. The theme was mask it up and everyone came in wearing tuxedos and gowns. Mood boards included black, gold, purple, and red colours. The evening began with a never seen before classic and evergreen vintage car drop off for all the guests to the main porch of the Umaid Bhawan Palace. 

The esteemed guests were then ushered to the pre function area of The Palm Court by the glamorously dressed hostesses; where in the guests kickstarted the night by welcoming the to be bride and groom — watching them melodiously walk down the steps of the Royal Palace on the tunes of the magical symphony that welcomed them and the guests.  

The pop of champagne by Zubin and Aashna cued in none other than, the one and only world famous trio - Paris House Addict, who created a magical evening in the Marwar Hall.

The Fountain courtyard was set up immaculately for the loungers who enjoyed HookahRoyal's Led themed sheeshas for the night. The Bar was free flowing with alcohol and personalization that took guests by surprise  The chandelier champagne bar was the highlight of the evening, with skilled suspended acrobat serving champagne beautifully to guests all throughout the night.

The Rathore Darbar was set up in a royal manner with long sit down table set ups, tall centerpieces and the Museum courtyard laid down a decadent spread that was handpicked by specialists - nothing less than a Regal Affair. 


Every menu was thematic to add to it all! The menu this evening offered reflected the influence of its origin serving only the best continental and European food. 

Masked in mystery and draped in decadence, the #A2Z masquerade ball was nothing short of magical. The Mantra for the night was Mask on, Mask Off, let’s devour and dance your socks off. 


The Pool Side Drunch was hosted at the Umaid Bhawan Palace on the second day which was January 21st, 2018. The mood board was mirror and reflectors, shades of pink and a hint of turquoise. The function saw cabanas beautifully made up of never seen before mirror pillars reflecting the hues of the sky and pink pastel floral prints. Guests were seen sipping on their breezy Daiquiris, martinis, mimosas and many other options from the specially curated bar menu by The Wedding Bartenders.


Zubin and Aashna were glamorously ushered into the party by Mirror Man and Mirror Woman. 
Sunburn fame, DJ Julia Bliss made one and all groove to her music. The food area was beautifully done up in shades of pink, mirror reflective tables in rectangles and hexagons with shades of pink and flowers. 


Giveaways of floral tiaras, rings, corsages,boutonnière were by the very talented, Floral By Shrishti.  

The Sangeet function, also known as the Symphony of Souls was hosted at the Mehrangarh Fort. Guests accumulated at the porch of the humongous gates of Mehrangarh Fort being entertained by the Army Band at first. Zubin and Aashna’s arrival at the venue, cued in the Kanchi Godhi dance troupe giving a touch of the local flavour of the city. Zubin and Aashna’s parents opened the doors of the Fort to begin the procession in true Rajasthani style with a lot of folk performers from Ghoomar to Kalbeliya and a list of local entertainment welcoming the procession in tow.    

The evening in the concert hall began with a larger than life family Sangeet that seemed nothing less than an award function in production value. The turning point of this evening was the singing sensation Guru Randhawa, who took one and all by storm by his power packed performance.  Dj Aman Nagpal and his band set the dance floor ablaze with his popular chartbusters.

The Baraat, Pheras and After Party were hosted on the third day. The Baraat procession was no less than that of any Maharaja. The line up saw a host of vintage cars, a horse chariot, horses, elephants, camels, 
Mashal men, the most famous Sunder Band of Jodhpur origin and Lavaszma to give the royal touch this elaborate convoy. Amidst this royal procession starting from Lancer Lawn to the gates of the Umaid Bhawan Palace, the guests were seen dancing to the tunes of Dj Aman Nagpal in tow with his Dhol Walas who added the evergreen Bollywood medleys and remixes. 

 The groom entered the palace on a special track created mixed with Azeem O shaan with true elan. The groom watched the bride enter in her specially designed Palki on the most popular bride entry track ‘Din Shagna Das‘. Cold pyros paved the way towards the uniquely created Varmala Bridge.


Spectacular fireworks by MORANI Fireworks by Azan Morani perfectly choreographed to the tunes of the chartbuster ‘Sky Full of stars’ and designed thematically leaving one and all mesmerized.  Jodhpur truly celebrated the #A2Z couple with great pomp and show like true royalty.  

Jueta Hemdev and Pratik Hemdev, the brother sister duo of Yolo Entertainment says, "Zubin and Aashna and their families, had their aspirations and dreams when it came to this BIG DAY of their lives. To be trusted by the family, to be able to curate and create exactly as envisioned and to be able to magnify their once in a lifetime experience is our greatest fortune and privilege being wedding planners. The best is when we actually see everything that was being planned from #A2Z coming alive and looking spectacular be it artists performing, decor, logistics, hospitality in numerous hotels across Jodhpur city, amongst others. Working with the prestigious Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace was also an absolute regal experience with royalty oozing out from every pore of its people and the venue itself !!! The GM of the palace, Mehranavas Avari & The director of Sales, Mr. Brijesh Sharma, and their team ensured that our events flowed as smooth as silk". 

“Couldn’t have asked for a better 3 day extravaganza for my brother. I loved every minute of it. The best part is, I didn’t have to worry too much about the execution as the teams we worked with handled every function like pros. #WhenYouDreamWithEyesWideOpen” - Natasha Metha (sister of the groom)


The wedding was a never seen before spectacle that was planned for to create unforgettable memories.

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