SYSKA LED's Digital Campaign Lit By #LightOfLove Through IBD's Creative Innovations

Marketing | February 14, 2018 | News

IBD India Percept Syska LED

IBD, a Percept Company has rolled out a digital marketing campaign for SYSKA LED. The key objective behind the conceptualisation of this digital campaign was to showcase and spread awareness of love in the form of LED lights. The brand focuses on the root of digital to convey the message strongly among digital audience who spend most of the time on social media and other digital platforms.

IBD ensures that the digital campaign expresses an emotional angle through LED lights and celebrates the love of light, the SYSKA way. The creative script aims to deviate from the traditional concepts of romantic love; it celebrates all forms of love. Syska LED plugged into this emotion with a sweet, heartfelt film that turned the spotlight on the abiding bond between two old friends who have stood by each other through the years. 

Effectively titled #LightOfLove, the film has been winning hearts and evoking both a smile and tears on YouTube. As SYSKA LED Lights have become a pioneer in providing international quality lightning solutions to lakhs of users all over India, the advertisement aims at highlighting the effectivity and longevity of the brand's offering in a simple format.

Commenting on the new SYSKA LED's digital campaign, Mr. Rahul Gupta, Managing Director, IBD said,
"This campaign will entail the contribution of digital in a maximum way as its role is increasing significantly
among the Indian audience of today. For this year's Valentine's Day campaign, the brand will integrate with
social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on their YouTube channel; all with an aim to
reach out to its potential target audience for this campaign. Our current endeavor is not just about romantic
love but to spread the Light of Love among all and drive the message strongly through LED lights of


IBD, a Percept company, conceptualised and innovated a unique theme around Valentine's Day for Syska LED's digital campaign.

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