A Classy Traditional Christian Wedding Beautifully Executed by Plush Events

Weddings | February 13, 2018 | News


A Christian wedding is known for its simplicity, and this wedding will be known for its classiness and panache. Plush planned and executed an unusual wedding for two sweet couples. It was a celebration of two brothers getting married to their pretty brides. The wedding was held at the Church of Epiphany, Gurgaon. It was a commemoration of flamboyance and charisma, with a special touch by Plush.

The grandeur of this Christian wedding was determined by the entrance of the bride when “here comes the bride” tuned in, which also happened to be the time when flowing ribbons fell on the red carpet. Beautiful flowers charmed the bride when she walked down the aisle.

There were round tables beautifully decorated with flowers for the cakes to be placed in style.

The hallway was adorned with white and pink blossoms for the divine service. The sublime ambiance of the church and an auburn sun setting outside resonated the peaceful yet celebratory vibes all over.

The center stage was styled with lavish elements. And the setup reflected the trending themes, embracing the elegance of a Christian wedding.

“It was a wedding with two beautiful brides, two handsome grooms, and one gala event. Christian weddings create a very different fanciful aura, which our team brought to reality on the big day”, says Ruchika Arora Bansal, Director, Plush Events.

Plush events made this wedding a memorable celebration with creativity and a hardworking team.

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