DanceSmith Performs 773 Shows Globally, Bagging 'The Most Shows Performed in a Year' Record

Entertainment | February 13, 2018 | News

DanceSmith Limca Book of Records

DanceSmith, the leading dance troupe in the country has broken its own record and bagged another entry in the Limca Book of Records 2016. They performed a total of 773 shows in India as well as internationally in the year 2016 which helped them bag the award. Here's a glimpse of how they achieved the feat.
All About The Win
Being a Dance Troupe, we are first in the country to accomplish the number of records, including Limca Book of Records for performing maximum number of shows in year 2016. The total number of shows we performed was a stunning 773! We broke our own record of 2015 which was for performing 510 shows.The total number of clients we performed the shows for was 290 across india and international regions. Additionally,  Dance Troupe performed at maximum venues, also earning them the Most Venues in a Year 2016 award.
The total number of venues performed at was 419. The sheer volume of performances across geographies has bagged them another title too, that of the Most Travelled Dance Troupe for Performance in a Year 2016, 3,613,500 kms across India and Abroad. Some other awards to their credit are: Most Cities in a Year 2016 (83 cities).
The performances were not designed specifically keeping the record in mind but with the aim of bringing the best to the clients. 
Behind The Scenes
The performances required intense practice, and 24 x 7 cordination between the team of dancers and officials. The inhouse props are designed by the costume making team. Each and every concept is understood and we try to generate an iconic act which is innovative and entertaining, containing the Bollywood essence in it. To pull off such achievements the one thing required is required lots of team coordination and the untiring attitude towards work and its presentations, At DanceSmith, we believe in “Deliver the Best, To be the Best” and to achieve this we work hard as a team.
We spend equal amount of time brain storming before designing the acts, bearing in mind the brief from the clients - as the clients range from corporates to weddings. In last five years we have performed for more than 300 brands and corporates across the country and abroad.  
Themes and Presentation
The themes for the act are based on the occasion, function and budget of the event. But each act has its different identity and different look and feel. 

Dance Smith broke its own record to bag the The Limca Book of Records 2016 title.

Photo Gallery

  • DanceSmith Performs 773 Shows Globally, Bagging
  • DanceSmith Performs 773 Shows Globally, Bagging
  • DanceSmith Performs 773 Shows Globally, Bagging
  • DanceSmith Performs 773 Shows Globally, Bagging
  • DanceSmith Performs 773 Shows Globally, Bagging

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