Times Travel Show and Backpackers Summit 2018 Is Here to Give Insight Into Travel Trends

Business Events | February 12, 2018 | News

Times Travel Show Backpackers Summit MMRDA Grounds

The Times Travel Show and Backpackers Summit 2018 is a community gathering that offers deep-dive insight into the ever-evolving contemporary travel and adventure landscape. It is a space where each attendee, whether a content creator or a travel brand, a conservationist or an explorer, will be a key influencer towards achieving a sustainable yet explosive way forward.  

What to Expect at the Times Travel Show and Backpackers Summit 2018?

Journeys and Stories 
The most interesting professionals and enthusiasts from the travel and conservation industry share inspiring personal journeys of success and achievements. 
Skills and Knowledge Exchange 
Some of the country’s brightest minds hold workshops, master classes, and interactive Q&As to share skills, experiences and learning into their field of expertise. 
Showcases and Movie Screenings 
The event will have visual immersive showcases and screenings of extraordinary, outstanding, inspiring and undiscovered content from the travel and conservation space. 
Industry Exchange 
Industry leaders, spokespersons, and contributors exchange thoughts, discuss relevant issues and trends, resolve conflicts and engage audiences on the existing universe of travel and conservation. 

Focus Industries 

Expedition and Exploration
Connect with experienced explorers to learn the ropes of your dream travel quest. 
Culture and Culinary
Learn from and bounce off ideas with some of the country’s top culinary experts on the food-travel spectrum. 
Hospitality and Venues 
Brainstorm and re-evaluate your knowledge of the future and progress of hospitality outfits.
Conservation and Sustainability 
Discuss sustainability and conservation, its urgency and how one can contribute, with the most esteemed conservationists. 
Content and Social Connect
Network with industry specialists to best leverage the perks of digital marketing and generating impactful content. 
Training and Skill Development 
Evaluate the possibility of education towards travel (esp. sustainable travel) as a career/ business opportunity. 
Tourism Entrepreneurship
Interact with like-minded travel entrepreneurs to understand the current tourism panorama. 
Art, Music, and Photography
Jam with motivating artists and musicians about how they’ve combined passion with travel.  

The event will be held on February 24 and 25 at the MMRDA Grounds, Mumbai.

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