EEMA President Sabbas Joseph Sets The Agenda for Next President; Says: “Values First”

Industry Watch | February 7, 2018 | News

Sabbas Joseph EEMA

EVENTFAQS Media recently reached out the members of Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) regarding the industry challenges that the next EEMA President should work on. The news story ignited further discussions on not just the tasks ahead for the next EEMA President, but also who the next President will be and what qualities the candidates standing for the position should possess. 

While taking up the baton from current EEMA-President Sabbas Joseph can be considered a daunting task, there is also the opportunity of carrying forward the achievements of past Presidents and the association. Amidst  on-going industry chatter, EEMA President Sabbas Joseph, in a heart-felt letter addressed to members of the association shares his opinion on the qualities the next EEMA President must have.

Joseph shared, “We are now almost a 10-year old organization, and we’ve seen three leaders (Michael Menezez, Brian Tellis, Sabbas Joseph) don the hat of President-EEMA and lead us to where we’ve got so far. It is said that the rapid growth of EEMA in the last 10 years has been meteoric and one that is envied by parallel industry associations. As EEMA looks forward to electing its fourth President, I am sharing my own views on what qualities, abilities, and values should the candidates possess, represent and espouse.”

Joseph in his letter stresses on the importance of the right values in the next President of EEMA. He shared:


“Today, as we stand at the crossroads of the next step of EEMA’s tryst with destiny, like all of you I hope and pray that the right leaders offer themselves for election. And I further pray that the best come through. And may the best person win. Together, we should take the responsibility to ensure the President’s success.”- remarked Joseph as he concluded the letter.

Amidst Industry chatter on the tasks ahead for the next EEMA President, Sabbas Joseph, in an open letter to members, stresses on the qualities the next President must possess.

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