Megha Israni of Signature Films by Isranis Speaks About Creating Unique Video Invites This Season

Weddings | January 29, 2018 | News

Signature Films by Isranis

We know how Megha Israni has established her name in the industry with bespoke photography and video filming, but with the Charu Sachdeva and Pulkit Mehta wedding, she has has taken creativity to the next level. Here are the insights we received from her on the trendsetting wedding invites. 

1. What was your main inspiration behind the video invite concept?

Times are changing and technology is playing a major role. Usually the invitation card arrives a month prior and sometimes it is very difficult to remember or plan if it would be possible to attend a wedding that time. The idea of video invite came in two years back, when we actually forgot to attend a wedding because the invitation was given a month prior and no one remembered about it later. The first WhatsApp video idea came on my brother’s wedding. For his wedding we made separate videos for all the functions and the videos were sent on the morning of that particular event as reminders. People remembered that and loved it. Everyone wants to do something unique. And this is a completely technology driven idea. The whole generation is on WhatsApp. The whole idea is to send out the message, making it quick and memorable.

2. Were there any specific demands from the couple or the respective families with regards to these e-invites?

Charu and Pulkit are very filmy. So but naturally, "Bollywood" was to be the theme. Bareli Ki Barfi was the inspiration. I wanted to create it like a trailer. The card should be story telling. We used Hindi songs in the video because the couple are Punjabi and their extended families were from Chandigarh and Delhi. The family wanted it to be slow, for each function they wanted it to be different. Green for Mehendi, and so on. I took ideas from the décor and their family. It was a surprise for the couple.

3. What were the challenges faced by Signature Films to execute this beautiful wedding e-invite?

The biggest challenge was to please everyone! There were a lot of changes required from the families. Opinions of a lot of people is needed to take confirmation. And as both the sides are involved, you also need to be careful with every aspect of the invitation. Questions like whose name should come first becomes tricky here. Writing part is the most challenging. Around five hundred people will see the invite, it’s a mass product so the songs should be nice, text should be clear, bold and non-cursive.

4. How involved were the couple and their family members for this invitation? Weren’t they sceptical to choose the trendsetter invite over the traditional ones? Did they also get traditional wedding invitations for their extended families?

Ravi and Sargun were very sure for this unique invitation, they had faith in us. Though they were scared initially, because they didn’t have the idea how are we going to invite everyone for each functions. But we convinced them. And as we had done the pre-wedding shoot too, we took the shots from the pre-wedding shoot and made this invite. And most importantly it was a surprise gift for Charu and Pulkit, and they loved every bit of it. And when the couple and their families are happy with your work, you feel good about your work and the efforts your team has put for that task, it’s a win-win feeling!


Making it an exclusive way of sending invitations in 2018, the trendsetter WhatsApp invite of Pulkit Mehta and Charu Sachdeva is what brings focus to Megha Israni’s out of the box ideations!

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