OMCPL Set to Host the Debut Edition of the JIO Mumbai Shopping Festival

Entertainment | January 12, 2018 | News


OMCPL, one of the leading event management agencies in the country is set to present in Mumbai the first Ever JIO Mumbai Shopping Festival (JMSF), which promises to the largest shopping and Entertainment Festival in the country.

With a vision to build one of the best shopping festivals in the world on par with the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Singapore Shopping Festival, The Govt of Maharashtra and the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation have set out to make this dream a reality.

The Mumbai Shopping Festival will - together with the largest retail associations including FRTWA, RAI, GJEPC, AHAR, FHRAI, TAAI and many more - bring to the city the largest retail extravaganza ever. JMSF will rain exciting offers, sale discounts and bumper prizes from all kinds of retailers (from small outlets to multiband outlets, from malls to supermarts, from shopping complexes to franchisees, etc.) from all over the city along with festive fun and entertainment.

Additionally, the twenty days stretch of the festival will see captivating performances each weekend at high footfall locations across allowing citizens to come together and celebrate this experience. Adding to this, the city of Mumbai during this festival will experience a Night Market and added delicacies of the Food Truck Zones.

#MumBuyKar is the subject of the digital and mainline campaign which will be carried out to engage the real custodians of the festival – the Mumbaikars. The vision of the festival in its debut year is to make it a hub for all brands to showcase themselves and win the heart of the city.

Some of the other major highlights of the festival include:

1) Shopping offers for 20 days and Prizes for shoppers including a House, Gold, Cars, bikes, and Electronics to be won during the Festival

2) 11 Stages across Mumbai will be activated during the shopping weekend. This will lead to more than 500+ performances across genres.

3) 2 Branding Stages at the Domestic and International Airports.

The festival is set to commence from Jan 13, 2018, and will have active Night markets on 13-14 Jan in Worli, 19-20 Jan in Malad and from 26-27 Jan in Powai. The markets will be completed by the Food Truck Zones curated on the same date on these locations.

Commenting on the festival Rahul Gomes, Managing Director, OMCPL shared, “We are proud of finally getting this dream made into Realty. The thought that Mumbai could host an integrated city-wide shopping and entertainment festival was always a dream and it is only now with the support of our Hon. Chief Minister and Hon. Tourism Minister that this is finally happening. With this, Mumbai will finally get a festival that engages everyone through a mix of Culture, entertainment, and shopping. This is the first year and we plan to grow this festival bigger each year with a vision of making this the largest shopping festival in the World. OMCPL has always believed in building innovative IP’s with the Worli Festival, the Urbana Music Festival, and the Adani Ahmedabad marathon and now the Mumbai Shopping Festival and will continue its focus on this bring value and Brand visibility multipliers to both clients and focused target groups.”

The vision of the festival in its debut year is to make it a hub for all brands to showcase themselves and win the heart of the city.

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