"A Performer Always Needs To Be Ready To Acknowledge And Fulfill Spontaneous Demands" - Amit Gupta

Entertainment | January 12, 2018 | Promo Feature

Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta, Roaring Folks exclusive artist, one of the voices that define Indian music needs no introduction. From being a contestant on the Reality Show Indian Idol Season 5 and 6 to being titled the Uth Icon, he has come a long way. In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, he takes us through the journey of being of one the most loved voices of the country.

From being a reality show participant to a live quotient performer, how has the journey helped evolve your singing?

India's popular TV reality show, Indian Idol was the turning point of my career. I was a contestant on two seasons, Season 5 and 6 and the journey really helped evolve my singing and my music. It was as much a learning experience as a thrilling journey. It made me who I am today as a professional singer. My Journey as a singer has been challenging but worth every effort and having said that, I have evolved from a participant singer to a global LIVE performer in the contemporary Bollywood music space.

As a live performer, what are the customisations you offer?

My events/ shows cater to an audience from 15 years to 70 years of age, hence the customisation of my soundtracks depends on the event and the audience I perform for. A performer always needs to be ready to acknowledge and fulfill spontaneous demands. Understanding that, I am at all times willing and ready to make on the spot customisations. While I prefer to have a set playlist, as a live performer, one of the biggest challenges are last minute additions and requests from the audience. I try to mix and match tracks and I as a singer, fulfill the demands in between the chosen tracks.

How difficult is it to at times to balance the brief requirements with the tracks chosen?

Ideally, I start with slow, romantic tracks and then move to the more peppy songs. For example, I commence with variations of Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, then moving on to a few classic tracks of Kishore Da, and so on. Being a classically trained singer, I am comfortable with multiple genres of music hence it is not difficult for me to cater to demand for a particular kind of music or to play, from a pre-demanded set playlist. As long as the team is in sync, it's really fun and easy to scour new songs and create a new playlist depending on the demand.

It is the age of international music. How are you keeping the love for 'desi' tracks alive?

Indian music, especially “Bollywood” is something globally accepted and heard. The Era of music always changes but the emotions don’t. Being a versatile singer, my tracks/ songs always focus on the emotions which keep my audience enticed and engaged. Music does not have any language barriers. It is a universal sound and if you love music, you will aprreciate it in its purest form - without the need for any language or any words. However, talking of desi tracks, everyone still loves a good Bollywood song. By curating and offering those of the best, I ensure my audience is engaged at all times.

What is that one track that is special to you, extremely close to your heart?

Being an independent singer, I am comfortable with all genres of music as I have been singing songs from various genres like contemporary sufi, folk, and romantic Bollywood. It would be really difficult to pick and choose just one when our music industry has so much on offer!

Amit Gupta is managed by Roaring Folks. To book Amit Gupta, please reach out to: Ram Mishra on ram.mishra@roaringfolks.com or ram.mishra@pmeworld.com. Alternatively, you can connect over +91 9930823550. 

The music sensation takes us through the journey of being a versatile singer.

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