Team Ferriswheel and Femina Miss India Worked Tirelessly To Make The Show Happen - Shubhra Bhardwaj

Entertainment | December 22, 2017 | Interview

Shubhra Bhardwaj Ferriswheel Entertainment

An event with the grandeur of FBB Femina Miss India looks great on the silver screen but all the glamour and the pomp calls for impressive flawless execution behind the scenes. Ferriswheel Entertainment, the brainchild of Shubhra Bhardwaj was tasked with the execution of Femina Miss India 2017 and the team delivered, and how! Speaking to Shubhra regarding the challenges the team faces and the technologies used to make the event the hit it was, EVENTFAQS takes you behind the stage of FBB Femina Miss India 2017.

What was the brief provided by Team Femina Miss India and how difficult was it for Ferriswheel to live up to the brief?

The brief was to have a spectacular show. Ferriswheel Entertainment achieved that as a team. The challenge faced by the team was understanding everything from the pageant guidelines to the channel requirements and then within those boundaries, to push creative boundaries and achieve what we initally set out to do. 

What were the new technologies used in creating the setup?

The unique thing about this show was the interactive graphics and a complete LED driven set. It was hard work to coordinate and have the graphics timed to micro-seconds and then have it coordinated with a live performance. 

The stage floor LEDs and the split LEDs had to be configured for graphics. Another big issue was that the LEDs in India are put on tracks - which was not possible in this case as it was to be an immersive experience. We got a structural engineer to calculate the weight and need an build is a mechanism to hang the LEDs. .

The other first was the hologauze of the Miss India crown. It was a stunning moment. To see the real crown in 30-feet scale was a glorious experience. 

Please elaborate on some of the challenges the team faced by Ferriswheel Entertainment.

Timelines as always. Some really difficult moments. When we realised the hologauze was not being visable on telecast cameras, it was a difficult task to fix. There were many moments which felt difficult. With God’s grace. The team Ferriswheel, professionals on the project and Femina Miss India team all worked tirelessly to make the show happen. The designers Manish Malhotra, the artists, Natasha Grover, Head of the Pageant, everyone was focused on ensuring the idea and the show is a huge success. 

What were the customisations done for every performer?

The customisations were too many to enumerate! Right from Miss World's entry, the top shot the red carpet rolling out as she walked to other performances, every little act had to be customised. For Alia Bhatt's act, I had to shoot on Croma first and then we had her doing the steps. The graphics had to be coordinated to the lyrics of the songs. With Sushant Singh Rajput, I had him alone on stage for almost 15 seconds. Wi-Fi headsets for his acts were a nightmare. Sonu Nigam's act was with the girls and we had to take care of lots of tiny details. Like for each act the reveal was planned by putting all the choreography formations on auto-cad. The Choreographer, Creative Team and artists all worked very hard. 

How was this event different from others executed before?

Each event of ours is unique. FBB Femina Miss India was fun. The spirit was awesome. We had a great time. Alia, Sushant, and Sonu all extended themselves to make this happen. Karan Johar is a delight to work with and Ritesh along with his comic timing was picture perfect!

How difficult is it for a planner and executor to collaborate with artists, understand requirements, and cater to them?

I think at this stage in my career and Ferriswheel’s delivery graph nothing can be too daunting. It’s all part of our job. Ups and downs and the Ferriswheel moves round and round. Can’t take anything to seriously and then again have to be through professionals. It’s been a tough year for us. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. So all I can say is. Am so proud of the team and the partners in the industry who have kept their faith in us. Through thick and thin to deliver these beautiful shows . I live my craft and am happiest on set. Cheers to more fun outings and grand deliveries!

Shubhra Bhardwaj from Ferriswheel Entertainment takes us on a behind the scenes to making one of the most awaited pageants of the year FBB Femina Miss India 2017 the spectacle it was!

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