5 Reasons Why Omaggio Performing Company will Elevate the WOW Factor of your Next Event

Entertainment | December 4, 2017 | Promo Feature

Omaggio Tino Sanchez

A formal event with staid corporate and an aerial act – the two present very different images. But that is what Omaggio brings to the table, an ability to enliven and make a difference to any type of event. With a focus on quality and striving to be at par with international standards, European Choreographer/Director Tino Sanchez has helped Omaggio achieve new heights. Right from Contemporary Dance acts to Aerial Artistry, the classy style of direction by Tino Sanchez has ensured that Omaggio stay at the top of the game and deliver.

A Complete “Performance Company” 

The key factors to an Omaggio act are Conceptualisation-Creation-Performance. The company is not restricted to only dance forms panning from Contemporary to Jazz, but also offers other entertainment services like Mime artists and Stilt walkers. The variety of Aerial acts is spread across aerial hoop, silk, flying bridge, vertical wall dance, harness flying (with rigging), and more.

Adding Ambient Before Performance

Omaggio specialises in performances curated specially bearing in mind the essence of the event coupled with the Omaggio Signature Act spell skill, expertise and entertainment. Wedding events and certain corporates have always required Omaggio to customise and create acts which are of a more ambient nature, where the performance seamlessly fits in the thematic decor of the event. For this Omaggio has prepared out of the box acts such as: movement installations where the performers recreate live sculptures, or aerial acrobatics, mime theatre entertainment or larger than life female and male stilt walkers towering over the crowd setting the mood for a perfect photo-op.

The Rigorous Training and Attention to Safety

Omaggio ensures complete efficiency and professionalism of the artistes. Coming to the gear, safety precautions are implemented to ensure safety of the artists and avoid any impediments in the final performance. Not only is the team, which comprises of Indian as well as international artists trained regularly, in the case of Prop production and all acts which require extra prep Omaggio makes sure all is taken care of 100% to work in tandem with the agency and put forth a winning event.

The icing on the cake is Tino Sanchez

Tino Sanchez comes with 20 years international experience and the magic he brings to any performance with his presence and impeccable talent. Tino Sanchez has been a household name in the  musical Theatre scene in Spain and Mexico for years with an extensive performing career in London at the highly acclaimed West End. Taking pride in the quality he offers through Omaggio all his Indian artists are internationally trained and are required a daily 6-8 hours of training in skills like: dance, aerial circus, acrobatics and theatre. This gives the Omaggio artists that extra edge with well sculpted muscular bodies and a professional work ethic. Tino Sanchez has developed Omaggio with skill, expertise and an overall ability to create new concepts to fit every clients needs for their events within a week of rehearsals.  

A wide range of events

Omaggio stage performances company curates acts for Corporate events ranging from Contemporary dance to Aerial artistry all with a classy style of direction by Tino Sanchez. Always building from the theme that the agency creates the event, the acts incorporate large/small props to drive the idea through via entertainment. Be it manipulations and movements of full size mirrors, using flowing fabrics, live size mannequins, stage prop movement and even live video dance interactions.


Omaggio is not just an aerial or a dance company – it is a Performance Company.

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