(L-R) Rahul Tuljapurkar and Ninad Shah

Ninad Shah and Rahul Tuljapukar Talk About 'Brothers Incorporated', AR Rahman Tour in Dubai & More!

Industry Watch | November 27, 2017 | Interview

Ninad Shah Brothers Incorporated

Ninad Shah, the established event professional responsible for creating and structuring some of India's biggest events like Sunburn, EVC, Purpose Tour India with Justin Bieber and others recently took to social media to announce the launch of his venture ‘Brothers Incorporated’ with Rahul Tuljapurkar.

The first initiative under the newly launched brand is an extensive AR Rahman Tour in Dubai that will kickstart festivities in the year 2018. In an exclusive interview with Ninad and Rahul, we at EVENTFAQS Media decode the inception of Brothers Incorporated, its vision and more details on the AR Rahman Tour.

What led to the birth of Brothers Incorporated and how was the idea conceptualised?

For anybody, ideas can keep brewing for years together, with the right intent and the resources available but despite everhting seeming ready, the timing plays a vital role. For us, the ‘Brothers’ were always there, but it took a decade or so to become “Incorporated”.

Brothers Incorporated is a partnership between Rahul Tuljapurkar and me, together we are always exploring, crafting and showing different futures to the world and its people. We have been carving our dream for a very long time, since then we haven’t stopped working. Finally, we’ve come together, and we aim to build, run and manage ideas, execute innovation and bridge gaps in order to drive value for our clients and the consumer.

But why the launch in Dubai and not in India? What is your vision of the Dubai LIVE Events Market?

Our plan was to launch in the International market with entertainment led formats and concepts we intend to invest in. Our strategy is simple - to launch within markets close to and/or relevant to India. Our approach to planning and executing any project is driven by differentiation and innovation, with our utmost attention to the details. Dubai is a market where most of the consumer-led events and services are run by fixed formats and stereotypes. We saw there an opportunity to change the dynamics to deliver experiences that should delight the consumer.

Your recent announcement of the AR Rahman Tour in Dubai has created quite a storm in the market. How will the entire tour plan out and what will be its highlights?

AR Rahman completes 25 years in the music industry, and the humble being that he is, the expanse of his work is known to a few. He is a global personality and commands massive respect, we intend to reinstate the same to position him with more might.

The concert has been poised to be a huge celebration of music, and we have strategically chosen January 26, 2018, owing to being India’s Republic Day, the event will also be The Largest Republic Day Celebration of Indians outside of India, while it is not restricted, all nationalities are welcome.

We are thankful to the living legend AR Rahman, AKR and Mr. B Live to have believed in us to take this to the next level, especially in a market like Dubai which is known for its dynamism and cosmopolitan spread. AR Rahman will be greeted and welcomed like any global icon should be. We hope that we can live up to all the artists’ and fans' expectations.

Any other artists who will be touring with the legend?

This show has been showered with some serious heavyweights. The stage shall feature esteemed and well celebrated musicians like Ranjit Barot, Haricharan Seshadri, Jonita Gandi, Neeti Mohan, Mohini Dey (India’s youngest bass guitarist), Armaan Malik, Javed Ali, Harshdeep Kaur, Una Maeve Palliser-Petrie, Benny Dayal, Rayhannah, Isshrathquadhre, Krishnamurthy Srinivasan, Sanket Athale, Keba Jeremiah, Karthikeyan Devarajan, Gulraj Ghumman, and an extended team of over 50 members who will weave all the magic together.

What are the upcoming plans with Brothers Incorporated?

We are taking one step at a time, while our industry focus is on Entertainment & Hospitality, we shall strive to bridge gaps and optimise in order to deliver the best. We think there will always be space available for clever strategies and quality-driven management and therefore we got into this business in the first place. We were always told to aim high and work hard, and that is exactly what we do; every day!

In an exclusive interview with Ninad, we at EVENTFAQS Media decode the inception of Brothers Incorporated, its vision and more details on the AR Rahman Tour.

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