Transhuman Collective Creates a Spectacular Projection Mapping Experience for the Belgium Consulate

Industry Watch | November 15, 2017 | News

Jayna Events Pixelight Productions Transhuman Collective

Consulate General of Belgium in Mumbai wanted to create a short spectacle for the State visit of King and Queen of Belgium to India. For one of their events in NCPA Mumbai, the consulate aimed at showcasing the nuances and nicety of Belgium in a unique yet thoroughly immersive manner.

Transhuman Collective was roped in to create a spectacular projection mapping experience that elaborated on different variations of Belgium and what the country is popular for around the world.

Commenting on the project, Soham Sarcar - Founder, Transhuman Collective commented, “The content for projection mapping for this venture was created in 15 days which included the research and script. The challenge here was to showcase a foreign country in front of the head of state and consulate, getting the details right yet making it very entertaining for the audiences. Transhuman Collective has always pushed the limits of creating the most immersive experiences with powerful storytelling and this is what we aspire to keep doing in our future projects as well.”

The Event was produced by Jayna Events and the hardware and mapping were handled by Pixelight productions.

The Event was produced by Jayna Events with the hardware and mapping handled by Pixelight Productions.

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