Discovery Events Accommodates 150 Pandits in this Life Size Mandap of a Wedding in Pune

Weddings | November 3, 2017 | Video Update

Today we look back to a mammoth production from a wedding in 2016 by Discover events. For this wedding, a 80 x 80 ft Vidhi mandap was made to accommodate 150 pandits who chanted the wedding rituals. It was one of the largest Vidhi Mandaps ever made in India for the wedding of Mohini and Varun Raj in the beautiful Oxford Golf Course, Pune in January 2016. The production and set up of the Mandap was taken care by Discovery Events. 

“The father of the bride envisioned a larger than life wedding ceremony for the only daughter he had. This was the best gift he could give to his daughter. It was a grand spiritual affair attended by many. He made sure every ritual of the wedding happens on the Muhurat. The Vidhi itself took three and a half hours to complete. It started at around 4:30 PM and ended at 7:00 PM”, said Shailesh Gandhi, Founder of Discovery Events.  

“The client, an industrialist from Pune, was very particular about how he wants the wedding to be. He met more than 20 people to get the complete wedding organized. But the main challenge was, that we were brought on board only 11 days before the wedding. And the execution of the mandap was so huge that it took us three and a half days just to put up the mandap, said Shailesh Gandhi”, Founder of Discovery Events.  

The couple, Mohini and Varun Raj, along with their parents, were very happy with Discovery Events’ services. Everyone who attended the wedding was mesmerized by the beauty of the mandap as well as the chants they got to hear during the wedding. 


“The main challenge was that we were brought on board only 11 days before the wedding”, says Shailesh Gandhi, Founder of Discovery Events.

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