Reels and Frames’ “Anti-Wedding Trailer” Is Here to Give Some Inspiration!

Weddings | November 2, 2017 | Video Update

If you’re looking to create something unique while keeping all the emotions of a wedding intact, the Anti- Wedding Trailer of Saaksha and Karan by Reels and Frames should definitely be your inspiration!

The video begins on a romantic note – bright music, serene views, a beautiful mandap and then we see the beautiful bride and the handsome groom. Saaksha and Karan, a gorgeous couple celebrating their wedding at Goa Marriott Resorts & Spa.

Saaksha is already loved and adored by Karan’s parents, but then we meet Saaksha’s parents! Her aunt fondly speaks of how eagerly anticipated her birth was, “the first grandchild of that generation so everyone was looking forward to seeing her.” But just as you brace yourself for a flood of sentiment, her aunt wickedly says, “We thought she’d be a replica of my sister who is an angel but Saaksha was just the opposite!” And this sets in the actual tone of the video – An Anti-Wedding Trailer, which is unapologetically wild and fun. Here is Saaksha, a free-spirited bride, and Karan, an unabashed groom, and a family that exactly knows how to up the spirit of the celebrations! And not to forget the friends, who were unapologetically blatant as well! In these three and a half minutes of pure delight, the video takes you to a wedding where the union was more about the fun everyone had, including the newly hitched + their friends and family. Not only the fun, this was an extended party with lots of music, and no dearth of alcohol. If that wasn’t enough to put this video in a different league, wait for the confessions of the couple’s secrets to get a better edge on this wedding!

So here is why Reels and Frames call this wedding video “The Anti-Wedding Trailer”. 


Reels and Frames gives a new twist to wedding videos with The Anti-Wedding Video.

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