Event Speciale Curates a LIVE Concert with a Cause in Ahmedabad

Entertainment | October 25, 2017 | Press Release

Event Speciale Shaan

Event Speciale produced a live concert - AmdavadNiShaan wherein one of India's most versatile artist, Shaan, paid tribute to the pride and heritage of the Nation's most diverse city Ahmedabad on October 7, 2017 at Karnavati Club. This enchanting live cultural show was an eclectic composition of Hindi, Gujarati and English presentations.

AmdavadNiShaan translates to "Pride of Ahmedabad " and is a pure wordplay which conveys the intent to celebrate and honour the city of Ahmedabad, all while conveying the star's name- Shaan. 

The promoters of the event, Apostrophe 99 are pioneers in creative arts with in- depth knowledge of history, literature, culture and arts from across the world. Rahul Vohra, veteran Indian actor and founder of Apostrophe 99 commented "AmdavadNiShaan is a specially curated charitable concert in aid of the Rizwan Adatia Foundation celebrating the pride of a city. Apostrophe 99 curates path breaking concepts pushing the limits and merging horizons and this is one such concept of ours, which has never been done before. Concerts bring together large masses and using such a platform for a charitable purpose, while providing the audience an evening of good music was satisfying and refreshing." 

The artist curators, Big Bad Wolf, brought Shaan and two other talented artists on stage for the evening. The opening act was performed by budding singer and current heartthrob of Ahmedabad - Binny Sharma and his band - 'Not Just Binny' who had the crowd swooning to their melodious mix. A medley of their own compositions, Shaan' songs and other peppy Bollywood songs by Just Not Binny was a perfect start to the evening. Shrishti Chakraborty, a 13 year old contestant from 'Voice Of India Kids' residing in Ahmedabad shared the stage with Shaan for a duet performance which had the crowd lauding the tender talent. Shaan's scintillating performance had the crowd grooving to his energetic performance for 2 hours straight with no breaks.  

"Event Speciale is stoked to have worked with stalwarts like Rizwan Adatia Foundation, Apostrophe 99 and Big Bad Wolf in executing a charitable concert of this scale. After months of brainstorming and contemplation, this concept of doing a concert that celebrates the city of Ahmedabad clicked, and it felt just right. Translating this unique concept into reality on ground and marketing it in a way that captures people's heart, while ensuring that the charitable nature stands out was challenging, exciting and a whirlwind of an experience. An evening of good music and a seamless concert experience is what we intended to execute and we did just that. Seeing our audience grooving to Shaan's music and the gaiety when they walked out of the concert, merrily humming Shaan's songs was when we realized we had given them exactly what we had envisioned," said Lakshmi Menon, Communication Executive at Event Speciale.

Rizwan Adatia Foundation is an International Donor Agency with its base in over nine countries. Though they are global in their approach towards eradicating poverty, Gujarat holds a special place in their heart as their founder , Mr Rizwan Adatia hails from Porbandar. Besides on-going campaigns to provide quality education for the underprivileged and improving school sanitation for students, RAF adopted Junagad district’s Malia Hatina in the year 2015, to turn it into a model village. They are currently working on a mission mode to empower women, realize the promise of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and develop community engagement through promoting inner happiness. 

Event Speciale exceuted AmdavadNiShaan - a Shaan live concert with a cause on October 7th, 2017 in Ahmadabad

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