AVON, Panasonic, Vodafone & Ola Engage Audiences With Immersive Campaigns Around #Diwali2017

Marketing | October 24, 2017 | Feature

Panasonic Vodafone

Besides being one of the biggest festivals in India, Diwali and the season surrounding it is a terrific time for brands to truly engage and interact with their target audiences in the most festive manner. In this exclusive feature at EVENTFAQS, we look at some of the most exemplary experiential campaigns by brands in the country that stood it from the point of audience engagement in Diwali 2017.


AVON India, the global cosmetic giant unveiled their #PayAttention campaign closer to the festival of Diwali to shed light on the sensitive subject of Breast Cancer. The campaign was the result of the brands’ survey taken by over 19,000 users of Avon products.

Talking about it, Swati Jain, Director, Marketing, Avon India commented, “Diwali is the festival of lights, and light signifies empowerment and the triumph of good over evil. We are proud to be taking a meaningful cause like ours to a local level and touching many lives affected by breast cancer. With our initiative, #PayAttention campaign, we want to enlighten every household in India, man or women, about Breast Cancer and breaking the myths and stigma attached to it. We want to further urge people to pay attention to their own life by spending a few minutes every month to do a breast self-examination.”

Zeno Group India were the executing partners of this campaign by Avon India that had both an online as well as an off-line leg.


Observing the rising air pollution in the national capital region and the public’s growing apathy towards tackling it, Panasonic India come up with a movement for the deteriorating air quality this Diwali. The company launched its #Right2Breathe campaign with an aim to take a symbolic pledge to make fresh air a right for all. The campaign was conceptualized by Dentsu Webchutney and has been supported with social media and on-ground activations.

Talking about the campaign Sarthak Seth, Head Brand and Marketing Communications, Panasonic India, “#Right2Breathe is a fresh spin on the timeless use of symbols, it gets people to stop and think – This Diwali do I want my contribution to be the crippling pollution or make my environment pollution free. Panasonic will create a movement by encouraging people to pledge for ‘Raise Your Voice, Not Your Noise’. With this campaign we reinforce the company’s vision of pursuing a better life for each individual and realizing a better world with our contribution to the environment.”

The campaign facilitates a “Happy Diwali” mask filter on Facebook and included distribution of physical masks by the company. Moreover, special kits with customized physical masks were distributed among traffic policemen and daily pedestrians to instill and share the idea of how a cheerful Diwali can no longer exist with the unrepairable damage that we do to our environment.


In their hallmark style, Vodafone India came up with an innovative concept to delight its customers this Diwali from October 16th to 19th, across its 52 stores in Delhi NCR, as the brand invited its customers to celebrate “Green Diwali”. Green Diwali is a part of Vodafone’s ongoing ‘CelebratingSuper’ campaign wherein Vodafone distribute “Super Crackers” to its customers. Also using Augmented Reality Technology, customers of the brand were encouraged to create eco-friendly ‘Virtual phuljharis’ or ‘E-Phuljharis.

The ‘Super Crackers’ distributed to the customers by the brand contained eco-friendly water-soluble papers that carried different variety of seeds of plants with air-purifying characteristics. With this initiative, Vodafone Delhi made a conscious effort to have safe and eco-friendly celebration. 

Speaking on the Vodafone Green Diwali Initiative, Alok Verma, Business Head, Delhi & NCR, Vodafone India, shared, “We are #celebratingsuper with our customers this festive season. As a part of these ‘Super Celebrations’, we happy to announce the Vodafone Green Diwali Campaign which aims to give our customers a great experience this Diwali.  Our specially designed eco-friendly crackers contain air purifying plant seeds that will bring about a change in the pollution levels of the city leading to a safer and healthier atmosphere for everyone. The eco-friendly crackers will be available at all our stores giving our customers the opportunity to celebrate Green Diwali and be a part of the great awareness campaign against air pollution.”


Ola launched its latest film this Diwali, which highlighted the continued efforts citizens are required to put-in to solve the issue of pollution and traffic congestion. With more and more people taking cognizance of pollution around the time of Diwali, Ola’s latest campaign aimed at keeping the conversation around rising pollution and decreasing air quality alive throughout the year and not just during Diwali.

“Through #FarakPadtaHai campaign, Ola rolled out multiple online and offline activities in various cities to drive the message of shared mobility home. A solution like Ola Share is poised to solve the growing issues of traffic congestion and vehicular pollution and hence, it is important for us to ensure that more and more people are made aware of the benefits of shared mobility and take that crucial first step in that direction. This Diwali, the campaign continued with a video, that asks people to take a small step on this big festival - Designed in the typography style, the video questions the rise in concern over pollution during Diwali and urges people to keep the concern on - all 365 days of the year,” said Mudit Shekhawat, Senior Director, Marketing at Ola.

He further added, “Bursting firecrackers or not is a matter of choice and the video uses the same power of choice to encourage people to choose to take a step against pollution all year around.”

In this exclusive feature, we look at some of the most exemplary experiential campaigns by brands that stood it from the point of audience engagement during Diwali 2017.

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