Manish Kashyap Promoted to COO of Showtime Group

Industry Watch | October 12, 2017 | News

Showtime Group Michael Menezes

In the most recent development in one of India’s leading event agency- Showtime Group, it has been confirmed to EVENTFAQS Media that the management has announced Manish Kashyap as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Showtime Group.

Manish had joined the Showtime Group in 2005 and was working as a position of Senior Vice President before the promotion.

As a trained architect from Sir JJ College of Architecture, Manish is best known for deep diving not only into the ideation process but also diligently seeing to the production of the concepts & designs to ensure utmost standard of quality for all clients.

Apart from being an event specialist, Manish lives life on the edge, taking bike rides across the mountainous plateaus of Leh-Ladakh and partaking in dirt bike safaris through the audacious terrains of Cambodia.

With innovation and technology rapidly seeping into the ecosystem of the experiential marketing industry, Manish has led his team into winning accounts with some of the best known IT companies in the world which has placed Showtime on the Global Map with events held around the world during his tenure over the last 12 years.

“His ability to lead and to inspire in his team the values that Showtime was built upon, of relationship building and delivery management, gave all of us on the board the confidence that Manish was the right choice for this role” explains Michael Menezes, Chairman, Showtime Group.

From being an Architect to now the COO of Showtime Group Pvt. Ltd., India; Manish Kashyap has come a long way in becoming a true-blue experiential leader.

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