Encompass ‘Younites’ Monsanto Employees at All India Business Conference 2017 in Goa

Marketing | September 22, 2017 | News

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Every year Monsanto celebrates the success of the company and the achievements of the employees in a grand fashion. This year, the brief was no different, and Encompass conceptualised and executed the Monsanto All India Business Conference 2017 from September 12 to 14 at the Grand Hyatt, Goa. The theme for the conference was “Younited: Excite. Excel. Exceed” to reinforce the power of teamwork and collaboration.

Encompass has been working with Monsanto since the past few years for the Annual Conference, and this year saw the number of delegates increase from 350 to around 550 pax.

Commenting on the event, Manish Kapoor, Strategic Marketing Manager, Seminis, Asia – Monsanto said, “Encompass has been a partner in transforming our event into memory. They have been successful in understanding the audience pulse and helped us incorporate elements to engage them. They are flexible and agile enough to take last minute changes. It has been great working with them.”

The focus of this event was to infuse freshness among employees as there could be an organisational change (in terms of structure, size & people in the coming year). The company wants to make sure the employees remain motivated despite the uncertain market conditions, and also spread the message that employees must continue to focus on what they can achieve and control, rather than focussing on things not in their control. The event also sought to make the employees believe that they are individually important, as without them there would be no team.

Talking about the incorporation of the theme throughout the conference, Florence Fernandes, Manager, Client Servicing – Encompass Mumbai remarked, “Planning and executing the annual conference for Monsanto is always great fun, since we get to design a complete action packed agenda for them, right from the event theme to the engagement activities, to the thematic entertainment evenings. This year’s theme of YOUnited, was curated to reflect in every aspect, right from the branding and welcome experience, to our stage design, an awe-inspiring performance by Pritam and an upbeat acapella closing session to the conference, which led us to successfully deliver the Management’s key message to all their employees.”

Being an agricultural company that focuses on innovation & technology, the conference had to be a mix of entertainment, acknowledgement & tech-driven engagements. The goal of the conference was to thank the employees for all the great work they do & to motivate them to perform year after year.

Encompass’ tasks included conceptualizing activities for the conference that would engage, entertain and acknowledge the delegates whilst giving them an opportunity to network; designing and fabricating the set for the Conference, the Awards Night and the Gala Dinner; and designing and fabricating all the collaterals and branding for the conference.

Since the destination for the Monsanto All India Business Conference 2017 was Goa, the conference infused the flavour of Goan culture at every touch point. A grand welcome by Goan serenaders with hats and floral wreaths followed by a grand carnival-style opening got the audience immersed in the Goa vibe. The royal awards night was themed as Salaam-e-Monsanto, which, as the name rightly suggests, felt like royalty at every step. The gala night was themed as the ‘masquerade gala,’ where guests enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with one another while unleashing their alter ego. The highlight of the conference was a mesmerizing performance by the very-versatile Bollywood music guru, Pritam. The grand two-day celebration left the guests leaving with a bagful of memories, and all charged up to kick-start the coming year with a bang.

On challenges faced in execution and how these were successfully overcome, Rohit Jain, Senior Executive, Client Servicing – Encompass Mumbai said, “The Monsanto team was concerned about the crowd increasing from 350 pax to 550 pax with other functions coming in, but that was managed flawlessly, at all touch points like registration, check-in, engagements & activities, etc. running smooth. The most critical aspect was the turnaround time for the awards night & gala night respectively. We had to turn the setup around for the 2 thematic nights in very little time. To add to that, the hotel changeovers for seating and thematic décor in the pre-function area too. The team did a fabulous job keeping the time constraint in mind to deliver the experience of the thematic nights; viz: Salaam-E-Monsanto & Masquerade respectively.”

The conference took place from September 12 to 14 at the Grand Hyatt Goa, and saw around 550 pax attend.

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  • Encompass ‘Younites’ Monsanto Employees at All India Business Conference 2017 in Goa
  • Encompass ‘Younites’ Monsanto Employees at All India Business Conference 2017 in Goa
  • Encompass ‘Younites’ Monsanto Employees at All India Business Conference 2017 in Goa
  • Encompass ‘Younites’ Monsanto Employees at All India Business Conference 2017 in Goa
  • Encompass ‘Younites’ Monsanto Employees at All India Business Conference 2017 in Goa
  • Encompass ‘Younites’ Monsanto Employees at All India Business Conference 2017 in Goa

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