Every Aspect of 'Music in India' Decoded on Day 1 at All About Music

Business Events | September 19, 2017 | Feature

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India’s first ever annual music convention ‘All About Music’ kicked off to a celebratory start yesterday at Mumbai’s Taj Lands End as over 600 delegates right from music enthusiasts to singers, music producers, labels giants and global icons came together on one platform to deliberate on the key issues pertaining to the Indian and International music business.

The property is a brainchild of Tarsame Mittal, Founder, TM Talent Management and his subsidiary company Truly Madly LLP and saw all aspects of music business being decoded through 4 major conferences and workshop streams that kept the audience engaged throughout the day.

In this exclusive feature, we at EVENTFAQS bring to you the highlights and opinions from global music industry stalwarts.

All About Content

One of the biggest highlights of Day 1 of All About Music was the introductory panel discussion titled, ‘All About Content’. The exchange saw industry veterans like Mukesh Bhatt, Chairman, Vishesh Films; Shekhar Rajivani, Singer & Music Producer; Ajay Nair, COO, OML; Vishal Bharadwaj, Music Producer and Director; and Sabbas Joseph, Founder, and Director, Wizcraft International discussing the various facets of music content in India.

Speaking on the topic, Bhatt stated, “A few years ago people who had the talent had to struggle extensively to make their mark. However, today there are enough platforms out there for talented content to get noticed and picked up. If you can’t get picked up then it means you are not talented enough.”

Ajay Nair, however, felt the contrary was true as he remarked, “Digital is not a solution but one of the mediums for people to showcase their content today. In fact, it is more difficult today for people to get noticed as there is so much content out there already. And when that happens it is only the most sensational one that gets covered, which is what we are seeing right now.”

Shekhar Rajivani spoke about how Independent music scene in India as he said, “We all have tried to experiment and work towards Independent music scene in India but the issues lie in the fact that we do not get the needed support from the media and other stakeholders for anything beyond film music.”

Noted music producer and director, Vishal Bharadwaj commented, “Indian music today is way beyond the best when it comes to aesthetics and that’s the reason global audiences love it tremendously.”

All About Marketing & Distribution

Another major highlight of the convention on Day 1 was an extensive discussion on the Marketing and Distribution channels of music in India. On the stage was Paul Brindley, CEO, Musically; joined by Tracy Maddux, CEO, CD Baby; Paramdeep Singh, Co-founder, Saavn; and Rajat Kakkar, MD, Sony DADC India.

Commenting on the subject, Maddux stated, “There is a lot of content out there today but it needs to be marketed as the content doesn’t promote itself. A lot of content out there won’t be played because the creator did not promote it.”

Rajat Kakkar said, “Music distribution is all about experiential marketing today.” While Paramdeep and Brindley agreed in unison that while the talent is out there on multiple platforms it needs to be promoted and marketed effectively.

All About Independent Music

An interesting discussion on the independent music scene in India was also highly appreciated by the audiences on the first day of the convention. Speaking of the same Soumini Paul, VP, Artist Aloud said, “Inde is basically all genres of music apart from that of films and it’s a genre and not a scene. The Independent music is all about talent and self-expression.”

Singer Shubha Mudgal elucidated, “Good music needs to be distributed everywhere and when we speak to Independent music we must not forget about those independent artists who are not a part of any band but have learned music for years and have been pushed into the corner. For such artists, self-publishing is very important part of independent music in India.”

The panel was moderated by Brian Tellis, Chairman, Fountainhead MKTG and also saw Vijay Basrur, Founder, OK Listen and Subir Mallik, Founder, Parikrama, as panelists.

All About Outreach and Communication

A session on creating outreach programs for music superstars was also part of the convention on day one as Anuja Choudhary, CEO, Wizspk Communications; Vijay Nair, Founder, OML; Bryan Durham, Editor, Bandook; Singer, Papon; and Rob Schwartz came on the stage to discuss the same.

Talking about it Vijay Nair said, “The most effective way to create an outreach for artists is word of mouth and that is how it is going to be 10 years down the one. People say digitally is most effective but we turned digital 15 years ago. What artists need to do is thrive on their fan data and then build from there. Digital is not a solution as generic Facebook push only reaches only 10% of the audience that is targeted.”

Anuja commented, “It’s all about how you tell your story that creates great outreach for you. There are audiences out there who are looking for interesting stories and it is up to your team to make it compelling.”

All About Music as an initiative aspires to create, build and sustain the opportunities between the various verticals and markets of the music industry, evaluate global business prospects and create a gateway for international markets as well as address the shortcomings and roadblocks within the rapidly evolving music business.

The music conference is set to see sessions from leading singers and producers, Amit Trivedi, Arijit Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and others on day 2 today, at the Taj Lands End Hotel, Mumbai.


In this exclusive feature, we at EVENTFAQS bring to you the highlights from All About Music - Day 1, including opinions from global music industry stalwarts.

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