Artists Shashaa Tirupati, Brijesh Shandilya and Pinky Maidasani on Their Recent Corporate Gigs

Entertainment | August 10, 2017 | Feature

Shashaa Tirupati Brijesh Shandilya Pinky Maidasani Reliance Jio Rapport Global

It is well-known that corporate events provide amazing opportunities for artists to perform in a variety of formats and for different-sized audiences. From brand launches to RnR events for employees and partners, corporates go all out in providing experiences that completely awe their audiences. ‘Make them feel like royalty’, ‘provide mind-blowing performances,’ etc are frequently part of the brief to event agencies. And of course, artists are an important part of that.

Here, three artists describe some of their experiences performing at these events:

1. Shashaa Tirupati

We are talking about Shashaa Tirupati, the Indo-Canadian singer who is already a phenomenon in the film industries down South and now she is making her mark in Bollywood. Popularly known as the ‘Humma Humma’ girl, Shashaa is a multilingual playback singer, songwriter and voice over artist.

Client/ Event: Reliance JIO launch

Event Agency in Charge: Rapport Global (invited by A R Rahman)

Share your experience:

“I love doing corporate gigs because of the vast plethora of options we get in terms of content that is performed, which is usually not limited to any specific and single genre. Having done shows for Maggi, Rajnigandha, Reliance, IPL, Johnson's, Bacardi, and various multinational conglomerates, the professionalism of the corporate world also reflects in the arrangements made by them as hosts for events and entertainment. There is exemplary effort and involvement put into logistics including but not limited to stage, sound, lighting, and artist hospitality.”

2. Pinky Maidasani

Singer, Rapper and Performer Pinky started her career in singing at a young age of 8 years. She has done many reality shows which made her popular with her power rap performance. She has been the finalist of 'Indian Idol 3’, ‘Entertainment Ke liye Kuch Bhi Karega' and other many music-related shows on Indian Television. The USP of this versatile singer is that she can sing in 11 different languages. She has recently performed at various events in India and internationally.

Client/ Event: Amaron for Quanta Amaron

Event Agency in Charge: Moksh Interactive Events

Venue and date: Portaxe Sea Side on July 3

Share your experience:

“This was a beautifully designed event with lots of international artists. It was a dealer's meet and they called it partners. I loved the fact that they used the word partners for all their distributors. So I had to sing in a lot of languages to connect to them but it was just amazing. The next time when we perform abroad I will be collaborating with a lot of local musicians to give a different feel to the audience.”

3. Brijesh Shandiliya

Brijesh comes from reality shows such as SA RE GA MA PA and Indian Idol. As destiny would have it, he was one of top 12 contestants on SA RE GA MA PA and today he is one of the jury members of the show. He came a long way since then and has worked in a lot of projects creating a niche for himself as a singer and composer in the Indian music fraternity. Brijesh is also known for his amazing energy on stage.

Client/ Event: Jain Builders

Event Agency in Charge: Monkey Business

Venue and date: Golden Blossom Imperial Resorts, Lucknow in July 2017

Share your experience:

“This was my first big corporate show and there was a 35-piece symphony orchestra that I had to perform with. All the musicians were in their 50s and very experienced and this was my first time. I told them this and asked for their support. They were very cooperative and helpful. I was still nervous but once the show started, everybody joined in and the audience loved the performance. Everything went very smoothly and the show was a success.

“What's great about corporate shows is that every show has a different experience and crowd. You have to understand what the audience wants to listen to, what songs they might like and give the best in every genre of music you sing.”


From brand launches to RnR events for employees and partners, corporates go all out in providing experiences that completely awe their audiences.

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